The Way A Sissy Sees The World by SissySlut_One

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Have you ever thought why you only watch porn with big cocks? Why you keep worndering how they taste? Why you’ve been obsessed with cum? The answer is simple… It’s all because you are a FAGGOT. Too late for tears. The damage is already done. You will eventually give in. That’s always what happens to FAGGOTS. The taste of cock gets them going. The sooner you accept it. The quicker you will get what you crave the most. MONSTERCOCK. It’s only a matter of time before you become a sissy slut. It’s already happening. As you feel sluttier by the day nobody is making you it’s the way a sissy sees the world. And you are no different. It won’t be long before you are dressing like a slut and dance seductively for men to enjoy. Because ultimately there will be only one thing on your mind. And you know exactly what that is, don’t you sissy slut? DICK! Enjoy The Way A Sissy Sees The World by SissySlut_One.


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  1. yana says:

    I want and i will !!!


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