U Wanna Be A Bimbo? by Sissywhoretrainer

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Hi little boy. Today you’ll prove to yourself your desire. Your desire to be a little bimbo. Watch her. She’s a little bitch and she loves it. Do you wanna fuck her? Or… Do you wanna be her? You don’t know what’s happening to you and it excites you. You want to wear panties. You want to feel like a slut. You see how horny she is? She wants her ass to be fucked hard. And what about you? Little sissy fag? Show men who you really are. Always make eye contact to excite the, Show them you want big hard cocks. Own… Do you like it sissy? <3 Imagine it in your hand… Let your desires take control. Learn to attract cocks with your ass. You’re turning into a real sissy whore. But.. Your transformation isn’t complete. Are you afraid? Are you nervous? No worries.. Swallowing cum is amazing. Get on your knees and suck it. Feel it becoming harder and harder in your mouth. You just wanna please it. Let him fuck your face. You feel so incredibly horny. You’re a fuck toy. Say “aaah”. That’s a good little whore. Embrace your new life… <3 Enjoy U Wanna Be A Bimbo? by Sissywhoretrainer.

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  1. Dlove says:

    I love it .



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