Technologic Sissy by Hypnocypher

Technologic Sissy - Hypnocypher
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Finding it incredibly frustrating to embed Hypnocypher‘s content these days. But here it is, what I think is the best sissy hypno of 2019, we’ll see if I am right when SeattleJasmine counts the votes in January, 2020. I’ll just leave it for you to decide, please leave a comment on what you think of this content. I’ve left it until New Years Eve to post this incredible sissy hypnosis masterpiece. Enjoy Technologic Sissy by Hypnocypher. 


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  • Must say I am loving the commitment and the work you are all putting in here to bring everybody this content, I am looking to get into doing something similier but would be greatful of a little guidance.

    Do you have a forum?


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