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Cock Service by SissyStudent

Cock Service - SissyStudent
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If you’re watching this then you’ve already accepted it. You’re addicted to cock. The only thing that turns you on these days are big thick yummy cocks. You dream and fantasize about them every day. You ache to suck cock. Your mouth craves to be fucked. You’ve watched countless blowjobs. Subconsciously absorbing everything you see. Teaching yourself how to suck cock without even realizing it. If you had a cock to please right now would you know what to do? Use you imagination sissy. Taking it into your mouth slowly. Letting your lips glide over the head. Caressing it with your tongue. It’s ok sissy, I know you’ve fantasized about it. It’s very important that you fantasize daily. You need to learn how to service cock. So when the day comes when you have a real cock infront of you you’ll know exactly how to please it. Enjoy Cock Service by SissyStudent.

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Sissygasm Brainwash by SissyStudent

Sissygasm Brainwash - SissyStudent
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Welcome back to class cutie! Now if you have been doing your homework you should be used to playing with your boi pussy daily. In this class we will be exploring the ultimate form of pleasure, a sissygasm! Now lube up your cute butt and pay attention!

Soon, you are going to be doing this. Cumming from only anal pleasure. No more rubbing your clitty. Give your boi pussy what it deserves. Use your fingers if you don’t have a dildo. All sissies should cum handsfree only. Letting your cummies leak and drip out. Moaning like a girly little slut. It takes practice so be patient sweetie. Keep trying until you get it right. Ignore your clitty at all costs. Your boi pussy needs to be fucked. You will quiver and shake in frustration. But it will all be worth the effort. The most intense orgasm imaginable. Whimpering in pleasure like a girl. You will get hooked instantly. Your tight boi pussy always craving more. Spending hours alone fingering your boi pussy. Dribbling cum all over yourself. Over and over again every day. Needing your hole to be filled. Sissygasm is the only way you will cum. This is your future sissy, feminine orgasms only. Addicted to playing with your boi pussy. Once you’ve experienced it, there’s no going back. Enjoy Sissygasm Brainwash by SissyStudent.

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Sissy Girlfriend by SissyStudent

Sissy Girlfriend - SissyStudent
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Hey cutie! Look, I know you hate icky pussy and that’s totally okay!! It doesn’t mean you only have to date boys though. There are plenty of cute, sexy, sissy girls who would love to be your girlfriend! Today we will be going over all the reasons why you should find yourself a sweet Sissy Girlfriend!!!

First off, they have what you crave the most… A yummy, delicious, mouth watering cock. On top of that they’re cuter and prettier than most girls. A soft feminine body with luscious lips and beautiful hair. Everything you could want in a perfect girlfriend. The best of both worlds, a cute girl with a nice cock. She would know exactyl what you want and how to please you. Because she’s a sissy just like you. And you would give her exactly what she needs. Long loving kisses, slow passionate blowjobs. Swallowing all of her yummy cum passionately. The most perfect relationship imaginable. It doesn’t have to be just fantasy. A lot of sissy girls are looking for love just like you. Think of how much fun you would have together. Flirting and being girly with each other. Having incredible intense sex all the time. Falling in love with her cute sexy body. You would please her any way she wanted. And she would do the same for you. But there’s more than just sex. She would be your best friend. You would do each other’s make up and go shopping. Becoming more and more feminine together. Expressing your girly side with someone who understands. Two sweet loving girlfriends meant for each other. So what are you waiting for cutie! Get out there and find yourself a sexy sissy girlfriend. Trust me, it will be worth the effort. Good luck, I love you!!! Enjoy Sissy Girlfriend by SissyStudent.

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You Love BBC – Sissy Series by SissyStudent

You Love BBC - Sissy Series by SissyStudent
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You love BBC. You love Big Black Cock. You might not know how it happened. It’s ok, it doesn’t matter. What matters is your addiction. Your BBC Addiction. You just can’t resist it. Big Black Cocks make you horny. More than anything else. Whenever you see BBC you get uncontrollably aroused. Big Thick Black Cocks. Yummy, Perfect, Irresistable. Touch yourself, relax, stare. You watch hot girls suck and fuck BBC. You fantasize about being them. You are jealous of all the BBC they get. You want to be a slave for BBC. You want to feel what she feels. You want to taste that BBC. Opening your mouth and submitting. Letting that BBC fill you up. Every day your addiction gets stronger. You’ve lost interest in girls. You only need big black cock. Enjoy You Love BBC – Sissy Series by SissyStudent

BBC Research

BBC Mouth Slut

BBC Study Session

BBC Brainwarp

Guide to BBC Addiction

BBC Brainwashing

BBC Addiction

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Sissy Acceptance by SissyStudent

Sissy Acceptance - SissyStudent
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When did you realize it? Was it just recently or have you known for a long time now? You know exactly what I am talking about. When did you realize you were a sissy? Maybe you’re unsure if you’re really a sissy. Don’t worry, this video will help clear things up for you. Firstly, sissy girls are nothing like real men. Men have big thick cocks, while sissies have tiny cute clitties. Sissies are soft, obedient and submissive. While real men fuck girls, sissies fantasize about being them. Sissies are intensely attracted to big cocks. The thought of sucking cock makes a sissy’s clitty twitch and leak. Sissies love eating their own pre-cum. Most sissies have a strong urge to swallow a real mans cum. Being a sissy is not bad or shameful. They can’t help it, they’re born that way. The biggest difference between real men and sissies is… Real men don’t doubt that they are sissies. Enjoy Sissy Acceptance by SissyStudent.