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Euphoria by NumberOneFan

Euphoria 1, 2 and 3 by NumberOneFan
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Its time you swallowed your cum. You can’t be a dirty little sissy whore unless you swallow your own cum. So, the best way to start is by tasting your precum. Fap as usual and keep an eye on the slit at the end of your boiclit, also known as your meatus. When you get really excited it will leak a clear liquid. Lightly rub the head until this starts to leak out. Then squeeze the underside, also known as the urethra, of your boiclit and push it towards to end. This should make a bigger blob of clear liquid, also known as cowper’s liquid, wipe it with your finger and stick your tongue out, wipe the liquid on your tongue. It is one of the best tasting liquids you can consume. You can do this several times, and it will make your more excited. The more you do it, the more tingly your tongue will get.

As you get even more excited you will actually start to leak semen. There is a subtle change in viscosity of the clear liquid and it will become cloudy. This is wonderful, beautiful and tasty semen. Continue to gather it on your finger and lap it up with your tongue. You can edge your boiclit even more and you will start to get to the point of no return. Before you get to the point of no return, edge and stop. You will feel your semen swell up your urethra. Do not orgasm. Just get a small glass, ramekin or other vessel and keep edging.

You will get to a point when you will shoot your sperm and you will still be horny. Edge to just before the point of no return and it will leak into the vessel you are collecting your cum in. As you have spent the last 30 minutes or more fapping and lapping up your sperm you will be more likely to want to taste this amazing white gooey semen you have produced. Just put it up to your lips and pour it in. Do not leave it more than a few seconds or it will go cold and if you leave it longer it will no longer have the creamy texture and taste bad. The quicker the better. Then while you fap your boiclit like crazy play with the cum in your mouth, swirl it around. As you orgasm, swallow. Swallow it all. Then lick your lips. You dirty little sissy slut. That was your first swallow session. Now I expect you to swallow your sissy sperms whenever you fap your dicklet to sissy hypno. It is your duty to do this for the rest of your life!

If you are training to be the best sissy girly girl you can, you will have started doing yoga and other stretching. You can do something better than just spurting into a shot glass or ramekin. This is so you can be limber enough to throw your legs over your head. What you need to do is lay on your back and throw your legs up over your head until your boiclit is pointing right at your mouth. Fap as hard as you can and open your mouth. Poke out your tongue because something amazing is about to happen — shooting your sperm directly into your mouth is the most amazing experience a sissy girly girl can have on her own. And of course if she has a stuffed boipussy with a big dildo or buttplug this orgasm will be second to none. Shoot that sperm right into your eager mouth dear sissy and swallow your prize.

Enjoy Euphoria 2 to 5 by NumberOneFan (#1 was removed from the Internet).

Euphoria 2

Euphoria 3

Euphoria 4

Euphoria 5

Fap Fantastika By NumberOneFan

Fap Fantastika by NumberOneFan
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Happy New Year my sissy girly girls! I know you are addicted. Addicted to becoming the best sissy girly girl you can be. In 2017 I expect you to turn it up a notch and really become the slutty sissy girly whore you have always wanted. Stop wasting time. It’s your destiny to become a dirty little sissy whore. And you love it. You can’t wait to suck all those huge cocks. You can’t wait to be fucked really hard in your sissy hole. But most of all,  you can’t wait to swallow gobs and gobs of sperm. It’s time for you to make it happen. 2017 is your year. The year you come out as the slutty sissy whore of your dreams. Get ready for a surprise, you are gonna love it. Here’s eight excellent Fap Fantastika videos from NumberOneFan.

Fap Fantastic 1

Fap Fantastic 2

Fap Fantastika 4 [The RedHeads]

Fap Fantastic 5

FapFantastika 6

FapFantastika 10

FapFantastika 11

Numberonefan – Dreamscape Mega Hypno Series

Numberonefan - Dreamscape - Mega Hypno Series
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Did you think I would let you off lightly sissy? Time to dress up again in your sluttiest sexy outfit. Do your hair, nails, make up. Put on your slutty high heeled stilletos and get out your favorite dildo. Its time for another mega hypno series. This time from Numberonefan and her amazing Dreamscape sissy hypno trainers. This one is much longer. Over 232 minutes. Nearly 4 hours! Can you fap, goon and edge through all 14 videos without blowing your load? I know you can make it to the end, its the weekend. You have time to do this and do it right. When you make it to the end, ruin your orgasm into a glass and savor the taste of victory. Enjoy the Dreamscape Mega Hypno Series from Numberonefan.

Dreamscape I

Dreamscape II

Dreamscape III

Dreamscape IV

Dreamscape V

Dreamscape VI

Dreamscape VII

Dreamscape VIII

Dreamscape IX

Dreamscape X

Dreamscape XI

Dreamscape XII

Sissy Lips

Pure Heaven


Sissysonics 3 – Hard Candy

Sissy Hypno Vortex 5
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Are you thinking about that cock in your mouth? Are you thinking about the cum oozing out of your tight little hole as well? Imagine your holes full of cum. Just a perfect little slut for me aren’t you? Back again? Fascinated by sexy sissy cam sluts? You’re straight. Just curious. Just wondering. But they know how hard you get, watching them stroke. So pretty, so feminine, so sexy, so tempting, so hard, just like you. All those pretty cam whore sissies, they are so turned on so achingly hard and so very eager to please. They want to see, they want you to hear, they want you to join them – to be entranced – to be transformed – to be addicted – Made to crave hard cock – Made to crave hot cum – Made to be pretty, sexy and feminine. Made to be compliant, willing and eager – a cock sucking sissy – that will cum on command – A SISSY HYPNO SLAVE! Enjoy Sissysonics 3 Hard Candy by Numberonefan.

Sissysonics 2

Sissysonics 2 by Numberonefan
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Relax. Breathe. Focus. Listen. Watch. Obey. There you are. You wonder why you’re here kneeling on the floor in front of me in this little hotel room? Well its all about dick sweetie, and how you’re going to suck it. In a matter of minutes the first guy is going to come in, nice and hard and ready to be sucked, then he’s going to cum on your face. Come on sweetie, get undressed. That’s it, strip off all those sissy clothes of yours and then go ahead start stroking that little thing you call a penis between your legs. Enjoy Sissysonics 2 from Numberonefan.