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Sissy Cock Trainer by Loltraps

Sissy Cock Trainer - Loltraps
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You desperately crave cock in your mouth. You have a very strong oral fixation for penis sucking. It is something you crave and yearn for very intensely. You are a girl. You are going to take on more feminine characteristics, sweetie. You love to paint your nails and you need cock in your mouth to such an intense degree that you can feel it over your entire body. Yes. I know exactly how much you desire to suck cock. You want it so badly that you are compelled to stare at mens crotches all the time. They might see you looking sweetie you better be careful. But your compelled to stare. You have to stare. You crave cum all over your face and inside your mouth. It is a very strong craving. Your desire to suck cock so very strong and so very deeply embedded in your subconscious mind. But so powerful that very soon it will reach your conscious mind and you will need to find a penis to suck. It is very important for you to find a penis to suck. You always crave a cock in your mouth. 24/7 you are thinking about sucking cock and how good it would feel to have a cock in your mouth at that very moment. Enjoy Sissy Cock Trainer by Loltraps.

Feminize Yourself by Loltraps

Feminize Yourself - Loltraps
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 You are feminine. You act like a girl. You think like a girl. You portray being a girl. A sisssy girl. It’s your destiny. You know you’ll never be happy as a boy. You need to feminize yourself. Become the girl of your dreams. Let a man take care of you. Dress up for your man. Dress sexily. Wear high heels. Accentuate your legs. Twirl around. Flirt with your man. Let him caress you. Let him desire you. You are a girl. Get on your knees, sissy. His cock is ready. You can’t wait to suck it. You are so horny. You are so aroused. You love cock. Suck it, sissy. Taste it. Desire it. Suck it until it shoots. You know it will. You are suck a good cocksucker. You can’t wait to taste his sperm. It’s coming, sissy. You know it’s coming. Swallow it all. It’s your prize. Enjoy Feminize Yourself by Loltraps.

Submissive Desire

Submissive Desire by Loltraps
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Dirty sissy bimbo whore. You want to be dominated. Work it bitch. You know you want to be tied up. You want to serve your mistress. Sexy horny sissy slut. You want to be restrained. You want to be used. You want to be picked. Make yourself pretty. You know you want it. Wear chastity. You want to be used by many cute boys. You want to suck their dicks. You want to be fucked. You have been a bad sissy whore. You want to swallow their jizz. Open your mouth slut. Swallow it all. You know you want it. Enjoy Submissive Desire by Loltraps.

Cum Trainer

Cum Trainer from Loltraps
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You like cum. So horny aren’t you. Strke your cock. Produce fresh semen. Stroke yourself over and over again. You love cum. You like the idea of tasting your jizz. The taste on your tongue. Every time you masterbate. You feel the need to devour every last drop. You are so horny stroking your cock. You are wanting so much to devour your own cum. You love your cum. Stroke it harder. Stroke it faster. The cum in your balls. Every stroke is closer to the inevitable. Stroking harder and faster. YOu want cum don’t you. Stroke it. Cum. Cum now. Its spreading out warm salty on your fingers, it tastes so sweet. Your brain will make it taste sweet. You’ll lick up every last drop off a plate or from a glass. Eat it. Enjoy Cum Trainer by Loltraps.

Sissy Subliminal Trainer

Sissy Subliminal Trainer by Loltraps
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Don’t you feel sexy, you horny sissy slut, on your deep throating that big hard dick. Dressed up in your sexy dress wearing those high heels, wearing that pretty make up and feeling all girly. You’ve wanted this for such a long time, haven’t you? You’ve wanted to suck a cock, get fucked hard and swallow semen, haven’t you bitch girl? You’ve wanted this all your life haven’t you, dirty sissy slut? All you think about is big hard cock all day, every day. You want to wants to remain a girly girl forever. Become the girly girl you’ve always wanted. Watch Sissy Subliminal Trainer by Loltraps.