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2017 Sissy Trainer by HoldItSissy

2017 Sissy Trainer by HoldItSissy
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It is time. You know what your sissy pussy needs. You ache for it constantly. It needs to be filled. Accept your fate sissy. You are not a man. You are submissive. Train your hole. Fuck your dignity. Show off your pussy. This is how sissies cum. You need this. You are a sissy. Give in to your desires. Become a sissy slut. You will submit. Show off for the men. Give them what they want. Submission is pleasure. Pleasure is submission. Sissies submit. You will submit. You will submit. You will submit. Enjoy 2017 Sissy Trainer by HoldItSissy.

HoldItSissy HiS #1-9 Mega Hypno Series

HoldItSissy HiS - Mega Hypno Series
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Its that time again. Time to dress up, get out your best and sexiest outfit, do your hair, your nails, your make up. Put on your stiletto heels and settle down for some fapping fun sissy girly girl. Can you handle it? Can you handle fapping and edging for over one hour and twenty minutes? I know you can handle it. If one thing I’ve taught you it is to hold out until the very last moment. Here’s the thing, what are you going to do after you have fapped and edged for over one hour and twenty minutes? You have to do it, you have been told time and again, you edge until you ruin your orgasm into a glass and then its time to swallow that sperm. Drink it up. Drink your orgasm, its yours – you made it, be the cum loving sissy slut I know you are. Do It! Do it now! Swallow that sperm, swallow it all! Enjoy HiS #1 to #9 by HoldItSissy.

HIS#1 Sissies Wanna Go Get Some


HIS#3 Darkest Desires

HIS#4 Sissy Desires

HIS#5 Monster Cocks

HIS#6 Made To Suck Cock

HIS#7 Control

HiS 7.5: The Devil Makes Us Sin


HiS#9 BBC Submissive

Chica Bomb TS 2014


Darkest Desires – HoldItSissy

Darkest Desire - Holditsissy
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They turn you on… You ache for them… You want to be with them… You want to caress them… Your wishes can come true… You can have your darkest desire… It’s yours for the taking… Your dreams can come true… You can have your fantasy… Or go beyond your wildest fantasy… But there is a price… Darkest Desires… Put yourself out there… Take what she gives you… It’s worth the price… You might even enjoy it… Knowing you are not alone… To make your darkest desires a reality… You can have her lips on your cock… She’ll show you pleasure you never knew… You need her more than she needs you… An orgy of pleasure… Turning each other on… Finding that you enjoy it… You would do anything for this… Anything she wants… Joing the club… Loving every minute of it… Going deeper down the rabbit hole… Discovering the pleasures of this life… Knowing there is no going back now… Craving what only she can give you… Exploding with pleasure for her… Thankful you took that last step… And gave into your Darkest Desires… Sissy… Knowing now that you want to go all the way… Sissy… So you can complete the cycle… Sissy… And become the sissy whore you were meant to be… Enjoy Darkest Desires by Holditsissy.

Sissy Desires

Sissy Desires by HoldItSissy
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You will need: Panties. Dildo & Lube… Put on your favorite panties sissy. It’s play time. Are you jerking your clitty yet? Rub it nice and slow in your panties. Imagine yourself in her place. Feel your desire building. Rub a little faster now. Imagine feeling his bulge. You want this. You need some Sissy Friends. Peel off those panties now. Lick that cock, slut. Get it all Wet and Sloppy. Ram it down your throat. Just like a good sissy slut. Sissies love cock. Keep jerking while you suck. Perfect those cock sucking skills. You are doing such a good job sissy. You were born for this. Jerk that clitty, whore. Slap your mouth with that cock. Ready for the next step? Lube it up now. Start fucking your boi cunt. Ride that cock sissy. Feels so good doesn’t it? Tell me what a sissy you are. “I Am A Sissy Cock Whore!” You love cock in your boi pussy. You wish you had a real cock fucking your boi cunt right now. You want all your holes filled with cock. Get ready I’m going to let you cum. When you cum, get it in your hand. As a sissy, you will eat your cum. So blow that load, slut. It’s not a real man’s cum. But sissies eat what they can get. CUM YOU SISSY BITCH! Yummy Cum! You Love The Taste Of Cum. You Are Such A Good Sissy. You Are Ready For Real Cock. You Need To Get Out There And Find One! So You Can Get A Real Man’s Cum! But until that time sissy… You will have to feed yourself, slut! Enjoy Sissy Desires by HoldItSissy.

Sissies Wanna Go Get Some – HoldItSissy

Sissies Wanna Go Get Some - Holditsissy
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Put on your sexiest panties now sissy. It’s time to learn how to be a slut. You are already excited, aren’t you? Yes. You are. Because you are a cock loving sissy slut. You are so horny. Your sissy clit is growing. It’s OK. Play with your boy clitty in those panties. You slut. Slowly peel them off your ass and play with your boy pussy for me. Sissies love to serve. Get ready. Obey your master. Give him a show with his other sissies. Show off your sissy body for him. Show him how excited your boi clitty is for him.

It’s time. Get yourself ready sissy. Drop to your knees and suck his dick. Sissies love sucking cock. You will always suck cock when a man wants you. Sucking cock is rewarding. Cock is yummy. Your boy pussy belongs to him. You can’t wait for what comes next. You will learn to love being violated. Your boi-cunt will be fucked repeatedly. Men will take turns having you. You can’t control your sissy nature. You need cock. You will share master with his other sissies. Soon you will love the taste of your boi-pussy. You will ride cock any time, any place. You love hard cock in your boi-cunt. You will be showered with cum. Open wide. You cannot get enough cum. Lick up every drop. Sissies Wanna Go Get Some from Holditsissy. Enjoy xxx