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Cum Trainer

Cum Trainer from Loltraps
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You like cum. So horny aren’t you. Strke your cock. Produce fresh semen. Stroke yourself over and over again. You love cum. You like the idea of tasting your jizz. The taste on your tongue. Every time you masterbate. You feel the need to devour every last drop. You are so horny stroking your cock. You are wanting so much to devour your own cum. You love your cum. Stroke it harder. Stroke it faster. The cum in your balls. Every stroke is closer to the inevitable. Stroking harder and faster. YOu want cum don’t you. Stroke it. Cum. Cum now. Its spreading out warm salty on your fingers, it tastes so sweet. Your brain will make it taste sweet. You’ll lick up every last drop off a plate or from a glass. Eat it. Enjoy Cum Trainer by Loltraps.