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‘Sissy Semen Guzzler’ The Ultimate Sissy Achievement

'Sissy Semen Guzzler' The Ultimate Sissy Achievement
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Something a little different today. Something you are going to enjoy as a sissy cumslut. You love cock, but most of all you like cum. Cum is what you crave. Say it loud. Say it proud. You are proud to be a cum worshipping sissy whore. Today you are going to take load after load into your little sissy mouth, whether that is from your finger, your hand, a shot glass, a plate, or even from the source. You’d love to be plastered in sexy shimmering and shiny spunk. You would swallow as many loads as you could, remembering to gargle and swap with a friend first. You would spit those loads out into a jug, and fill that jug to the brim and chug it back, or make some cum shots. You’d go so far as having an entire meal made from semen. Semen for an appetizer. Semen for a main course. Semen for dessert. But, most of all you’d love to drink great big glasses full. I know you would. Enjoy achieving the Ultimate Sissy Achievement, becoming a ‘Sissy Semen Guzzler’.

Sperm Is What You Crave!

How about some sperm shots?

How about a cum omelette?

How about another cum omelette?

What about a cum shake to wash it all down?

Cum for every meal…


Cum Addict: Cum Eating Addiction Trainer

Cum Addict: Cum Eating Addiction Trainer - Jlodalisque
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You’ve wanted to suck cock for as long as you can remember. You’ve been preparing for it your whole life. Just to try it… Just to see how it feels… And tastes… Just a little taste, to see what it’s like. But you know if you taste his cum… You won’t be able to go back. One cock will never be enough. You have an intense craving for cock. And an uncontrollable urge to eat cum… To taste and swallow fresh cum… To eat multiple loads… And now it’s finally time for you TO FEED ON CUM! Cum Addict: Cum Eating Addiction Trainer from jlodalisque.