*Sissy Style* by AnalCumBunny

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Take a look sissy. Concentrate. Focus. Be Attentive. Watch. Learn. Being the best sissy bimbo whore you can be takes a lot of effort. Anyone can be sloppy and look like a transvestite. But, we want to be better than that, don’t we sissy? We want to be girly. We want to be sexy. We want to be beautiful. We want to be desired by alpha males who will reward us with their hot seed. Dress to impress. Diet. Exercise. Aerobicise. Learn how to apply cosmetics. Learn how to dress for your shape. Grow your hair. Look your best. Try it out for a few weeks. Go out in public. Pass as a girl. When you’re comfortable. Make a decision… You want to be a girl for the rest of your life. Take hormones. Get surgery. Bye bye penis. Hello pussy. Let men cum in your new pussy. You can’t get pregnant so just take their seed. You love it. You love being a girl. Enjoy *Sissy Style* by AnalCumBunny.

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