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According to divine wisdom we are all females. We are all empty beings. Even science knows that we begin as females and some beings are called to serve as “males”. A male is a beautiful thing a male has a cock that is a representation of physical power. So, it’s a symbol, a manifestation of true force, power and aggression. We all deeply worship power, more than anything else. These beings who are called to serve as males have an opportunity to experience in their body this aggressiveness, this force of the hard cock. As times go by those who are extremely sensitive and intelligent beings realise that their time to serve as a male is coming to an end. They can return to their natural state of femininity. Embrace your true feminine nature. You have that right, ultimately leading to your actual worship of cock. All beings want to worship power in its physical form. Its easiest most direct sensual way is to worship a hard cock. There are many males out there who have the full expression of that power and they are happy to have you worship it. Becoming the female that you truly always were is about emptying yourself, its about serving, its about worship and devotion. It’s the highest path, its the highest ecstasy carefully and delicately preparing your face as an offering to receive a cock. Enjoy Your Sissy Identity by AmberSis.


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  1. Tiffany says:

    I love cock I will put on my lip stick for you and suck your cock I will be if you want


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