Sissy Fuckslut Captured 2 by Arabella_Sissyslut

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It is another Saturday night and here you are again sniffing poppers and watching sissy hypnosis videos. Suddenly your screen gturns black and a message flashes before you… ‘Attention Aspiring Sissies… The Sissy Sisterhood trains good girls… Cum visit us at 69 Valley Drive… Let Her Out… Sissy!’ Will you join the Sissy Sisterhood? You have never told anyone about your little secret before. But this offer sounds too good to miss. You leave the house and search at the address on the invitation. This wasn’t what you had expected. There is one rule you should know… You may only enter the Sissy Sisterhood once you have proved you can suck cock. You have never seen a mans cock before. What would it taste like. How would it feel on your lips. You are about to find out whether you like it or not. Enjoy Sissy Fuckslut Captured 2 by Arabella_Sissyslut.

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