Psychodelic Sissy Mind Fuck by Sissy Gal Jasmine

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You never found your place in life as a man did you, sissy? While all your friends hung out smoking pot and drinking beer you were lonely. You never worked out, Never played sports. Remaining a weakling. The other boys laughed at you. And so did the girls. You never had a girlfriend. No girl is going to want a 80 pound weakling wearing glasses and being bucktoothed and weird. You couldn’t even talk to girls. Let alone get them to go out with you. You stayed alone at home wondering why. Why nobody liked you. Why you were the odd one out. You cried and cried. Why oh why were you such a loser. A voice in your head told you the truth. You were never meant to be a man. Your mom was always supposed to have a girl. She thought you were going to be a girl before you were born. Your mom really wanted a girl. You started to realise this when you hit puberty. You started to take an interest in girly things. In girly clothes. In girly magazines. You started watching girly TV shows. Started to dress girly. Started to wear your hair long. Got yourself a brace for your teeth. You started to exercise and aerobicise the way girls do. Your mom noticed what you were doing and encouraged your transition. You were on your way. You knew you were meant to be a girl and you decided that you would be. A girl you would become. A sexy. Beautiful. Gorgeous. Bimbo of a sissy girl. The best that you could be. You learned everything. You studied hard for years to become a goddess among feminine girly bois. Enjoy Psychodelic Sissy Mind Fuck by Sissy Gal Jasmine.

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