Dana’s New Life – Hypnosis For Good Girls by Dana

Dana's New Life - Hypnosis For Good Girls

Hi there. Before you get nice and comfortable I want you to go ahead and slide on a pair of very constrictive pantyhose. I want you to slide them on without putting on any panties or anything else. I want you wearing a pair of pantyhose that go all the way up over your ass, over your legs. I want them tight. I want them constricting and I want them smooth and soft over your legs. You can wear high heels if you want, its up to you. But, I want you to wear pantyhose. If you don’t have pantyhose available you can wear thigh highs or a pair of tights or stockings or whatever you have available. But if you have pantyhose you are going to feel the most wonderful effects. So go ahead and put them on. After you have them on I want you to lie back… Dana’s New Life – Hypnosis for good girls is a great sissy hypnosis video by Dana. Enjoy.

Go Out Into The World by DressMeUpToPlay

Go Out Into The World by DressMeUpToPlay

Hello you sissy cum dump of a whore. Put on your slutty clothes (get fucked in them). Spend all your money on slutty outfits to get fucked in. If you dress like a whore you will be treated like a dirty whore. Play The Part! Be a fucking sissy whore! Buy Panties! Panties make your ass look amazing (for men to fuck). Dicks in your ass is the goal. Put on your slut uniform. Invite strangers to your house (use the Internet to find horny cocks). Be sure to shave all over. Be ready for men to fuck. Don’t make them wait. Greet them with a smile. Have a seat and get groped. Your Body Is His! Fuck Doll! Sissy Bitch! Ride your dildo to Go Out Into The World by DressMeUpToPlay.

A Sissy’s Dream by Dingos75

A Sissy's Dream by Dingos75

You love feeling like a girl don’t you? There is no other feeling like getting dressed up in pretty feminine clothes. Trying new looks, new shoes, new dresses and skirts, new lingerie, accessories and make up. It’s so much fun being a girl. You are a girl and you want to do all the things girls do, don’t you. You want to look like a girl, feel like a girl, think like a girl. You want to be a girly ultra feminine sissy, but you want, you need something extra. You want to be a slut. Your horniness is driving you crazy with lust. You can’t stop thinking about lingerie, stockings and cock. You are a sissy slut! A Sissy’s Dream by Dingos75. Be the slutty feminine sissy you’ve always wanted to be.

Sissy Dreams 3 by Dingos75

Sissy Dreams 3 from Dingos75

Sissy Slut! You want to be a woman. Sissy Slut. Sissy Slut. You want to be a girl. Sissy Slut. You really want to be a woman. Sissy Slut. Pretty. Sensitive. I think that is all you really want. Wait, are you touching yourself. You want to be a girl don’t you. I know you’re touching yourself. I know that’s what you think about at night, when you are playing with yourself, you’re thinking about how you really want to be a woman. You want to be a girl. Are you touching yourself. I know what you need. I know you’re touching yourself right now. You want to be a girl. Sissy Slut. Sissy Slut. You will remain my slave sissy girl…

So you want to be a dirty little sissy girl do you? Well I grant your wish. Sissy Dreams 3 from Dingos75. Its one of the best sissy hypno videos I’ve seen. I know you will enjoy it. Watch this over and over and over again. Sissy Slut…

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