You No Longer Like Girls by AmberScarlett

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Still think you’re into girls, Huh? I can fix that! It just takes a little motivation. Do exactly as you’re told. An I might let you cum on my perfect tits. You’d like that, Huh? Or maybe… You’d rather get off to delicious cocks? Did you like that? No? Don’t worry, you will! There’s only 1 rule… Do EXACTLY as I say! At the end you’ll like cock as much as I do. Are you ready? Stroke that little cock when I say to… 3, 2, 1 … Stroke Fast… Stroke… Look at the way she rides that cock. Don’t you wish that could be you? You’re jealous. Stroke. But not of him, of her! I know your secret… Slower now, but keep your hand on your little cock. You know I’m right. You crave this! Aren’t they beautiful. I know you want to taste it. Fast Again! Stroke. Admire how that big cock fills her ass. You want to know that feeling. Stroke. Don’t you sissy. Or would you rather taste it? There’s nothing better than a throbbing cock in your mouth. Stroke. Just ask this sissy. To be a girl is heaven. And to love cock, is to be a girl. Slow again. So tell me sissy. You’re starting to like cock, aren’t you? I knew it! Faster! Well don’t worry siussy. I’ll give you all the cock you want. But first, admit I was right. That’s a good sissy. Stroke. You don’t want to get off to girls anymore. You want to BE one. You want fake tits. You want to dress slutty. But most of all… You want cock! Stroke. You want to feel a big cock in your sissy ass. Don’t you? You want a real man to use you as a fuck toy. slow. Look how far you’ve come? You don’t even like stroking to girls anymore. You just want the hot cocks to come back. Do you want me to give you cocks sissy? Beg me sissy. Beg me to stop showing you girls! I’m waiting… Good sissy. You’re wish is my command… Faster. Is’t that so much better? Stroke. You love cock now. Stroke. You want to be a slut for men. Stroke. And you love stroking your sissy clitty to huge cocks. Don’t you? Stroke. Say it! Say you love cock Sissy. Good sissy. This is your future. You worship cock. You crave cock. It’s all you think about. You are a sissy slut. Slow. You want fake tits to squeeze around cocks. You want this cock to cum all over your tits. You will dress like a slut for big cocks. Enjoy these cocks like the slut you are now. And cum when I tell you to. Faster. Are you ready sissy?… Cum! You’re a cock slut now! Told you would like cock as much as me! Until next time sissy! Enjoy You No Longer Like Girls by AmberScarlett


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