The Lottery Pool for The Sissy School – Efféminé Université


Ever since I posted the article ‘Become A Sissy Whore’ I have been sent hundreds of messages by sissies who want to be transformed. That article alone has been read more than 400,000 times and over 250 comments and has over 300 five star votes. With over 200 views just today. It seems there are thousands of effiminate men who want to live their lives as controlled sissy girls.

So to further my idea I posted another article ‘Lady Michelle School for the Transgendered’ a tongue-in-cheek name I thought and that has been read more than 30,000 times with over 40 comments and over 40 five star votes.


I thought to myself, there really is a great opportunity here and since I have helped mentor some girly sissies in the past, why not step it up a notch. I thought maybe we could create a real Sissy University with its own charter, rules, even religion. In order for such an establishment to be created it would take money, lots of money. So I put up a poll, ‘Would you be willing to regularly donate $3.50 for the chance for us to build The Lady Michelle School for the Transgendered?’. Over 256 votes were cast and 49% voted ‘Yes, I would donate $3.50 regularly.’ 20% voted ‘Yes, I would donate more regularly.’ But, unfortunately 30% were not really that interested in being a sissy girl and voted ‘No, I don’t really want to be a girl.’ So, over 178 cum guzzling amateur sissies visiting The Sissy Hypnosis Club would donate $3.50 to become a professional sissy girly girl of their dreams.

$623 doesn’t go a long way in the grand scheme of things. So, how about this. Donators would donate $3.50 into a pool for a lottery, which purchases lottery tickets in lotteries that would have a several million dollar jackpots. That would go a long way to buying a mansion and getting everything in place for your dreams to become real.

The following is a victorian mansion in France with its own entrance gate and long sweeping driveway. It is very old and traditional. It is excellent for our needs. It looks exactly like a traditional nineteenth century victorian school that reminds me something like the school building in the film ‘St. Trinian’s.’ Huge rooms and lots of land (nearly 90 acres) for training girls how to ride ponies or be ponygirls, since the property has equestrian facilities. Some people cannot see past the dirt and grime. Others can see with their third-eye how it could look when fully refurbished with soft furnishings, school desks and all the trimmings:


For €2,290,000 we could buy a huge mansion in France that would allow us to build what I call “Efféminé Université”, which is a school for feminine men to become the sissy girl of their dreams. A professional institution that would have its own charter and set of rules, even its own religion – maybe cock worship? Where at least 15 girls can be trained at one time to become real ladies. That would be if one girl per bedroom. But, maybe we’d have 4-6 girls per bedroom making 90 girls being trained at one time. If we had an average three month (that way each transitioning sissy can visit on a tourist visa) intensive course, depending on progress and work that needs to be done, that would be 360 girls trained every year. Applicants hand picked by those charter alumni that donate to the lottery pool. Yes, those who donate will become the first students to be trained at the University.

Each student signs a contract similar to those offered to actors, actresses or singers and that will mean that you will be under contract to do everything we tell you, when we tell you or suffer the consequences. It also protects you from bad masters since they will only be able to rent you, since we have the master contract. Each girl will have a certain tattoo that has a bitcoin or other alt digital currency qr code (this is your dowry – you will become very valuable as we will control your private key) and telephone/owner details – good especially if you become lost or run away, people will know where to send you back!

The school needs a bit of tender loving care as you can see. But, I hope you can see the potential. Since, we want all of our sissy girl students to be pampered into the bimbo sluts they need to become to satisfy their new masters when they are sold. We would build a spa, where those girls who have been good will get treated like the princesses they will be. In fact, girls will train how to work there. Since all of our teachers will eventually be ex-students. If you are naughty, and I know some of you will, the 17th century vaulted cellars in the basement will be turned into a dungeon with all the ropes and leather gear to explore your bondage and BDSM fantasies. I want to hear you say “Yes Mistress!”. Good girl…

You will study in the library surrounded by hardwood and leather bound books. One day you will be taught how to speak in your new master’s native language. The next you will be taught how to deepthroat a dildo or even learn how to cook or apply make-up. We could create our own religion, similar to how a certain scientific religious institution operates with different tiers and the complete devotion to the religion by its subjects. We could even perform marriages between master and sissy slave where girls can be wooed in the beautiful rose garden.

Can you imagine walking around these halls in your mandatory stiletto heeled shoes?

There is much room for expansion with many outbuildings ripe for conversion into ancillary accommodation. We could create small apartments for our graduates to live in until they have been found a master to work for. Maybe we’ll wire up the entire school to webcams and create a Sissy School website where people can follow the progress of our students 24/7 online. Maybe each bedroom will come fitted with a camwhore setup for girls to become comfortable talking slutily to others. With revenues going towards the operation of the school, the providing of estrogen rich foods, new dildos and fucking machines to finding you an alpha male husband or employment with a master or mistress. Whichever the school finds appropriate for you based upon your work at the school as well as the reports from your teachers and other sissy girls.

Could you imagine the possibilities of such an institution? Operated correctly, by those who have experience. With experienced teachers who know how to treat sissy girls like you. So serious are we that our girls will become the best cock sucking, cum guzzling sissy girls that we will even hire a psychiatrist to help those who need some help overcoming their fear of swallowing semen. A psychiatrist will also be invaluable to weed out those who are not serious about the transition as each of our girls will sit an exam to find out who they are and what they want to achieve. Those girls who pass the test will be admitted for full training over the period of several months, at least. Learning how to speak, apply make-up, dress to impress, suck hard cock, achieve sissygasm, cook, clean, be a good slut for her master. Girls will be taught a vocation, whether this is cleaning in a french maid’s outfit to clean her masters house, becoming a secretary to take notes for her master, washing clothes, ironing or even dancing, singing, acting, modelling or even being a sissy girl pornstar. It all depends on frequent examinations to find out what our students excel at. But one thing is for certain, all our girls will excel at being slutty sissy whores. That’s the real reason for the existence of “Efféminé Université” is your love for cock and cum. Worship the phallus, its what you crave.

Could you imagine the different celebrations we would have every year, reasons for all our sissy girls to get dressed up in their most sensuous gowns to party with our most important guests? What about the most important annual social event, the masquerade ball – that would actually be more like something from Eyes Wide Shut, where we worship our devoted religious icons.

So, what do you think? Would you love to be part of a real Sissy School that will turn you from a worthless panty boi into a gorgeous sissy bimbo who knows how to serve her master? Are you willing to donate to a lottery and if we win this dream will come true. $3.50 will buy an entry into a lottery with a minimum jackpot of $17,500,000. That kind of win would pay for the mansion, the ground, the renovations to the buildings, the set up of all the equipment and to establish the “Efféminé Université” and maybe open a few sissy related businesses, which our graduate sissy girls can work in.

What if we won a jackpot in excess of $50,000,000 I hear you ask? What would you say if I suggested we bought an island in the Carribbean and turned it into a sex tourism destination. Therefore girls had something to do after they graduated the Sissy School. An island where high-profile and high-earning individuals would visit to participate in the sexual encounters of their dreams. All girls would be sucking and fucking day in and day out and enjoying the sunshine and warmth of the Carribbean. For about $10 million a ready-made resort is available that caters for 30 guests in luxury with open air showers, plunge pools, and sun decks.

And/or maybe we could buy a GoGo bar and hotel in Thailand or a legal brothel in Reno, a sex shop in San Francisco or gentlemen’s strip clubs in any number of tourist locations. Once our sissy girls have graduated they can work on tourist visas in different countries. If we own and operate our own leisure properties we can make sure we only have the best and provide the best service for our varied customer base. A sissy girl no longer has to remain a citizen of one country alone. Permanently travelling all over the world working as a Jetset Sissy Slut! Sounds like an opportunity most visitors to the Sissy Hypnosis Club would relish. I know it’s something I would love to do for the rest of my natural life…


If you would like to donate to the lottery fund you have to prove that you really want to do this. Therefore, there are a series of steps you must do to donate.

  1. First of all you must have a SecondLife account. SecondLife is an online virtual reality simulation game which has real currency, the Linden Dollar (L$).
  2. You can purchase these Linden Dollars with a credit card or PayPal and it is totally anonymous. Makes it easier for all of us, plus you get the benefit of becoming involved in the SecondLife LBGTQ community there too if you would like. The billing on your account will be “LindenLabs”. It is easy to purchase Linden Dollars the process is laid out simply on the main account page.
  3. You then need to visit the Sissy Hypnosis Club, which has a small booth in SecondLife and donate L$1,000 (equals approximately $3.50) in the jar in the middle of the room, you can’t miss it, it’s purple and says ‘Sissy Hypnosis Club – Lottery Fund Donator Jar – L$1000 Buys A Lottery Ticket’. For every L$1,000 donated I will buy a lottery ticket for that week and I will buy them as soon as a someone donates, don’t you worry.
  4. Those that donate regularly, buy as many tickets as you can afford weekly, monthly or whenever you can, and you will benefit from additional chances to be the first to be a student at the “Efféminé Université”.
  5. Every donation will be recorded. I will announce how many tickets were purchased this week and if we have won any money from the lottery on this page.

If we win the jackpot, well all of our dreams will come true in an instant and I will set to work to create the most beautiful experience you could ever imagine. An army of slutty bimbo pornstar sissy sluts, yes all graduates will be bimbo sissy pornstars with a string of films as well as live chat and escorting abilities. I cannot wait to help you all. I love to make you squirt in a glass and lick it up!

Luv you always, LGBTTQQIAAP
X <3 X <3 X

Brandy Little - Sissy Hypnosis Club