HoldItSissy HiS #1-9 Mega Hypno Series

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Its that time again. Time to dress up, get out your best and sexiest outfit, do your hair, your nails, your make up. Put on your stiletto heels and settle down for some fapping fun sissy girly girl. Can you handle it? Can you handle fapping and edging for over one hour and twenty minutes? I know you can handle it. If one thing I’ve taught you it is to hold out until the very last moment. Here’s the thing, what are you going to do after you have fapped and edged for over one hour and twenty minutes? You have to do it, you have been told time and again, you edge until you ruin your orgasm into a glass and then its time to swallow that sperm. Drink it up. Drink your orgasm, its yours – you made it, be the cum loving sissy slut I know you are. Do It! Do it now! Swallow that sperm, swallow it all! Enjoy HiS #1 to #9 by HoldItSissy.

HIS#1 Sissies Wanna Go Get Some


HIS#3 Darkest Desires

HIS#4 Sissy Desires

HIS#5 Monster Cocks

HIS#6 Made To Suck Cock

HIS#7 Control

HiS 7.5: The Devil Makes Us Sin


HiS#9 BBC Submissive

Chica Bomb TS 2014



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