Gurl Revolution Sissy PMV – By RevolutionaryGurl

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Money makes me do bad things. Bad thing make me money. Daddy sells me for money. Daddy sells me for fun. Men pay daddy to use me. Abuse me. Make me their sissy bitch. Strangers degrade me. Married men fuck me. I have no choice. I am property. My ass is cheap. My mouth is cheaper. My dignity is gone. Whores have no dignity. Sluts have no shame. Fucktoys have no limits. Sissies love the pain. Daddy gets money. Sissy gets fucked. Cum is my reward. Money changes hands. Cocks go deep. Holes stay open. Open for business. Daddy always finds new ways to humiliate me. Demean me. Degrade me. Dehumanize me. Control me. I LOVE DADDY. I LOVE HUMILIATION. I LOVE COCK. I LOVE CUM. CUM MAKES ME HAPPY! Cum Makes Me Money! Cum Makes Me Complete! Strangers cum tastes great. Daddy’s cum tastes better. Best when mixed together. Forced down my throat. Splattered on my face. Force fed to me. I’d do this for free. I’d do this for daddy. I’d do this forever. Enjoy Gurl Revolution Sissy PMV by RevolutionaryGurl.


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