Fifty Shades of Pink Part 1 by Nicci Cockadore

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Will you please train me to be a good sissy, Sir? Do you think you have what it takes to be a good sissy? Oh Yes, Sir! I know I have it! Please train me! You have to sign a contract! Are you willing to do that? I’m ready, Sir! I will do everything you say! OK, let me give you some ground rules! You have to be ready to serve me at all times! And you have to look ready! By ready I mean slutty! Wear short skirts, dresses or tiny shorts! Not just when you are with me, but 24/7! That means in public too! Can you do that? Oh yes, Sir! I Promise! I love being slutty! I want you to wear pink all the time! I want everybody to see what a sissy you are! You don’t have to wear panties! But if you do they must be pink and sexy! Oh My God! Your cock is so beautiful, Sir! Of course it is! All sissies love big cocks! I do, Sir! I really love cocks! Enjoy Fifty Shades of Pink Part 1 by Nicci Cockadore.


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  1. Ashly says:

    Thats pretty good


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