Cum Addict 2: Cum Eating Trainer by Jlodalisque

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You’ve been sucking cock all day. Taking dozens of loads onto your face. And even more cum into your mouth… You don’t just love sucking cock. You LOVE that you love sucking cock. You EMBRACE your desire to eat cum. You are GRATEFUL for your CUM-LUST. Sucking cock makes you… Who you want to be. A SPERM-LOVING SISSY. A CUM SLAVE. A COCK LOVING WHORE. A GIRLY SLUT. So embrace your FIXATION. FOCUS ON CUM. FOcus on the flavor. Focus on the texture. Focus on the warmth. Don’t swallow yet… Let more men cum in your mouth. Adding more full loads of cum. Let them fill your mouth entirely. Until you can’t resist the urge to swallow. Now swallow it all slowly. Let every drop caress your taste buds. Feel their cum mix as it slides down your throat. Savor the aftertaste of their semen. Feel the fullness of the cum in your stomach… Enjoy Cum Addict 2: Cum Eating Trainer by Jlodalisque.

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4 Responses to “Cum Addict 2: Cum Eating Trainer by Jlodalisque”

  1. Stacipardow says:

    Porn stars, strippers, whores and sluts are so like my idols and faces. It’s like even when I see a super hot superior female or a really super cute outfit, it’s like my mind goes straight to cock, as jacked up as it sounds, it’s like a total turn on for me, as I have hardly any release, as in cunning, as hormones only let me get release like every 3 to for months

  2. ErinM says:

    If been fantasizing about being taken from behind. My breeder would pull my back up to his chest as he pumped away at my ass. Just before I cum from his cock rubbing my prostate he choke me with on hand and hold the other out in front of my sissy clit. As I came he would catch it in his hand then immediately rub it all over my mouth and tell me what a slutty faggot I am. I would be in pure bliss at this point and eagerly awaiting to feel his rock hard cock pump cum into my asshole.

  3. Paula says:

    I was so wild about tasting cum that I had four guys cum at once in my mouth so I could really swallow a full load and believe me it was so good. I love it so much that I swallow every time now.


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