Champion of Cocknia by Sissy Sandra

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A good sissy slut follows every order of their man. Can you follow orders like a good sissy slut? I challenge you  to become ‘Champion of Cocknia’ by following a 35 minute fap to the beat sissy instructional trainer from Sissy Sandra. Follow the instructions sissy! Its important you do well today because you are going to need to really concentrate on following instructions for the video I am going to post tomorrow. In fact, tomorrow if you have never swallowed your own jizz, you will be! If you don’t then you’ll never be a sexy slutty sissy girly girl, because sexy slutty sissy girly girls always swallow their spunk…


3 Responses to “Champion of Cocknia by Sissy Sandra”

  1. Stacy says:

    I am a new sissy, trying to learn. I have and will be watching all these videos and try to follow all the directions. Any advice would be welcome!

    • none_moon says:

      hi stacy
      me to new sissy
      and i need to follow all instruction too
      do you got any advanced website to help us

      can be a friend to follow and learn together

  2. GJ says:

    very fuckable!


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