Acceptance by AmberSis

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It can be scary, can’t it. You, figuring out your whole sexuality. And if you are scared of your family finding out, your friends finding out, some of them are going to judge you. Do you really even want to associate with those people? Huh? I mean come on now, its simple logic. I know you are kind of sensitive about it. That’s OK. You like the idea of COCK in and around your mouth, in and around your fucking ass and because you do like it why are you trying to suppress those feelings. As I said, are some people are going to judge you? They absolutely are. Those people are so incredibly toxic. You don’t need them and you sure as fuck don’t want them in your life. So why does it matter what they think? Because there is also on the flip side of that going to be plenty of people who are accepting of it. Do you feel how good it feels. I want you to feel how exciting it is. Do you feel that? The endorphines that are being released. The stress that’s being released. All of your thoughts and all of your worries are flowing right out the fucking window. Because this is who you are. You feel right. You feel comfortable. Enjoy Acceptance by AmberSis.

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  1. wow thats a great. video.I m always struggling letting go of being a man. Even though i have a small dick.


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