The Sissy Hypnosis Club was created by myself, Brandy Little. I hope you enjoy it. I started it in late 2014. I first got hooked on sissy hypnosis with Emma Nice’s Sissymaker which I know you love too. I first got into loving shemale porn because of Danyelle Evangelista who I love still to this day.

Brandy Little - Sissy Hypnosis Club

Here are some videos of my favorite sissy role models. This is only a small selection because I love so many. But these are the sissy sluts I will watch over and over again:

Danyelle Evangelista (she basically is my heroine. I love her so much. ‘The World According to Dany’ was the first shemale DVD I ever saw!) I picked this scene because she gets fucked with both her legs on the guys shoulders, that’s how I like to be fucked:

Bianca Freire (she is just gorgeous!). I picked this scene because she is dressed up with a slutty schoolgirl outfit and pigtails, and I love pigtails:

Sarina Valentina (I’ve followed her career from before she started porn). I picked this scene because she used to have a tongue piercing and I love tongue piercings, it’s the reason why I have one. They are hot!:

Bailey Jay (she is the #1 and still as gorgeous as ever. Loves cum like me!) I picked this solo scene because Bailey is such a slut in it with her sexy silver micro mini skirt which is to die for, when she shoots all over the camera and licks it up, that is just so hot!):

Natalia Fubotas (She only did a couple of scenes but she is still the most feminine sissy slut I have ever seen. She is amazing. She is definitely one I try to emulate) I picked this scene because she is at her most feminine and stunning, learn from her girls!:

Nicole Charming (She is also a gorgeous sissy slut, now a real girl since she has an innie and not an outie) I chose this scene because at 11:56 this is another way I like to be fucked, total domination when you are being fucked like that):

Lily Demure (She’s such a sissy slut. Another sissy girl for you to emulate). I chose this scene because of her facial reactions to being fucked from 6:14. Really cute:

Izabelly Marquesine (She has grown up so much, if you look at her latest Facebook under the name Isabelli Ribeiro Marion she is one of the most stunning sissy sluts you will ever meet. Now a model, formerly an escort) I chose this scene because she’s still so innocent:

Amy Amour (One of the most gorgeous Thai ladyboy sissy sluts). I chose this scene because she is intoxicated and free while getting fucked. It is extremely erotic when she cums at 20:37 while being fucked all over the camera lens and licks it off. Such a slut to emulate:

Sapphire (She only did a couple of scenes, but she is so petite and sexy. Her outfit is really cute) I chose this scene because of how she gives a blowjob, really hot. Emulate her blowjob skills:

Erica Bratil (She was quite innocent in this scene, but loved being fucked by these two guys.) I chose this scene because she is so cute and I have emulated her sexiness in my transition:

Aline Brathio & Erica Bratil (In the same family I believe, two brothers who became two sisters.) I chose this scene because both sisters are together on screen and I have a sneeky feeling they have been intimite together before which makes it even hotter. I couldn’t embed this video. You can watch it here.

I could go on with many more scenes and slutty sissy girls I love. But, these twelve scenes will do for now. I hope you enjoy them and use them to become the most gorgeous sissy slut you can be. Emulate these sissy girlies…

I love to make you squirt in a glass and lick it up! 😉

I am not available for personal attention at the moment. Too many people have contacted me wanting to become better sissies. At least five new sissy sluts want attention daily. I don’t have the time or resources to help everyone and not everyone is serious enough to be turned from boy into girl – taking hormones scares a lot of boys. Most sissies want to have the rush of being dressed and masterbating their dicks red raw, but after pumping out a gob of spunk they return to squeamish loser boys. Most don’t even want to swallow their own cumload, I don’t know why they don’t lap it up, its tasty. Try it! So I have decided to pull my contact details. I cannot help you personally. Sorry for anyone I didn’t get a chance to email back. I know there are hundreds of you that emailed. I would have loved to have helped you all become sissy girly girl whores that use your body for the pleasure of hunky guys.

However, I am tempted to create The Sissy Hypnosis Club through the virtual reality game SecondLife, so everyone can remain anonymous and protect their identities and help each other without having to do the hard work of really turning into a femboy, shemale, tranny, sissy slut whore in real life. Some of you I know have families. There are a lot of boys who have girly avatars in SecondLife and why shouldn’t you. Millions of different styles of outfits, shoes, jewelry can be purchased to satisfy even the most discreet sissy girly girl. Of course you can dress and wear make up in real life while you play with others in SecondLife and even earn money through voice and cam work (they also have voice morphing so you can sound more girly). There is a huge trans and gay community in SecondLife that will be only too happy to help. Of course everyone can look sexy, dress sexy, fuck suck and cum together through a pretty avatar. This helps most overweight trucker sissies who may be a little on the shy side. If this interests you, please message me in SecondLife. My name in SecondLife is Kimberley Henhouse. You can sign up for free right now at SecondLife.com. When you are signed up join our group: Sissy Hypnosis Club. See you there.