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Technologic Sissy by Hypnocypher

Technologic Sissy - Hypnocypher
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Finding it incredibly frustrating to embed Hypnocypher‘s content these days. But here it is, what I think is the best sissy hypno of 2019, we’ll see if I am right when SeattleJasmine counts the votes in January, 2020. I’ll just leave it for you to decide, please leave a comment on what you think of this content. I’ve left it until New Years Eve to post this incredible sissy hypnosis masterpiece. Enjoy Technologic Sissy by Hypnocypher. 

Em Kcuf by Hypnocypher

Em Kcuf - Hypnocypher
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You are so desperate for hard cock. You are such a horny femboy. You are an addict for cum. You love big cock. You are weak for carnal pleasure. You beg to be fucked in your sissy boi pussy. Give in and suck that alpha male cock. You were born to be a girl. Submit to cock bimbo sissy slut. You want cock so much sissy bitch. You were born a faggot. You want cock so much it hurts. You don’t think about anything other than big hard cock. You salivate at the thought of hot creamy sperm on your tongue. Live your dream sissy girl. Become the sissy girly girl of your dreams and suck cock for life. Enjoy Em Kcuf by Hypnocypher.

Secret Cum Lover by AnnieWankenobi

Secret Cum Lover - AnnieWankenobi
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You must be so excited. You have been spending so much time preparing for this video. But, you are going to admit it today, when you eat that cum. You see how horny it makes you. You see how much you love it. There will be no denying. You think about sucking cock all the time don’t you. It’s the truth. The truth is you can’t tell anyone your dirty little secret that you think about sucking cock and you think about eating cum and you think about eating other mens cum. Having them cum all over your face and cum in your mouth. I know you like lingerie. Maybe secretly you want to wear it. Maybe you want to be the one wearing it dressed up like a slutty little whore sucking cock and eating cum and do it properly. Enjoy Secret Cum Lover by AnnieWankenobi.

Lipstick Panty Pop by ThrillDiviner

Lipstick Panty Pop - ThrillDiviner
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Let’s dress up girly. Put on lipstick and become the girly sissy whore we’ve always wanted to be. Get out your dildos and start sucking. Suck that cock. Now stick it deep in your boi pussy. Rub your hands over your body. Cover yourself in oil. Start rubbing your boi clit. Don’t you look pretty, sissy. Suck on your dildo. Take some photos. Create a BDSMler profile. Put up your photos. Make some sexy sissy videos. Suck your dildo while it’s attached to a mirror. Rub your boi clit until it spurts all over your dildo. Suck your dildo clean. Take the video and put it on your profile. Invite people to share your kinky sissy videos. Ask if anyone local will come and fuck you in your mouth and your boi pussy. You know it’s what you desire. Do it. You know you want to. Enjoy Lipstick Panty Pop by ThrillDiviner.

Power Sissy Pay Load by ThrillDiviner

Open Your Eyes Sissy - Sissy Coach
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Power Sissy Payload. Love sex. Hot cock. Make him cum hard. Love sex hot cock. Love sex hot cock. Make him cum hard. Love sex hot cock. Make him cum hard. Enjoy Power Sissy Pay Load by ThrilDiviner.

Become The Whore by SissyHypnoSlut

Become The Whore - SissyHypnoSlut
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Become the whore. Prepare for your training. You will need panties/lingerie, dildo/toy, weed is optional. Anything that makes you feel submissive. Fall into trance. Hypnotized by all the horny sluts. Being a whore is your destiny. Get ready to take cock and let men use your sissy body. Go deeper. Sissy hypno slut. Go deeper. Trance your brain away. Let go sissy. Show off your body. Go deeper. Let men use you. Go deeper. Sissy hypno whore. Fall into trance. Let your inner whore out. Please their cocks. Go deeper. Sissy trance slut. Your holes are ready. Submit to hard cock. Men want to fuck you. Sissy hypno whore. Go deeper. Please their cocks. Sissy hypno slut. You need dick. You need cum. Suck their hard cocks. Men double penetrating your pussy. Cocks pumping in and out. Sissy hypno whore. Suck their hard cocks. Sissy hypno whore. Your ass is just a hole. Your mouth is just a hole. Suck them deepthroat whore. Let men use you. Go deeper. Please their cocks. Open your ass sissy. Cocks pumping in and out. Sissy sluts live for cock. Sissy hypno whore. Men double penetrating your pussy. Fucking your ass into submission. Fall into a cock trance. You need to please men. Sissy sluts live for cock. Sissy sluts live for cum. Sissy trance slut. You are a gangbang whore. Please everyone sissy. Submit to hard cock. Let go sissy. You need their cum. Cocks dripping cum. You need every last drop in your ass or your mouth. Good sissy slut. Good girl. Enjoy Become The Whore by SissyHypnoSlut.

This Is Your Future by AmberSis

Careful Or You'll End Up Like Me - Jessica Fappit
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You have always wanted to be a girl. You have had this desire for such a long time. You were so scared of becoming what you desired. Ashamed of what other people would say. Well today the transgender community is incredibly powerful. It’s your right to become a sissy girl. Whether you are 18 or 80 it’s your right to become a girl. If you are fat, thin, tall, short, black, white or anything inbetween. It’s your legal right to become a girl! How exciting. You can become a girl right now! It is your right to worship cock and not feel ashamed! But, if you really are serious and doubt that you can fully transition then you need support. Many groups, locally and online can help you. Just search for it. Ask some questions. Become the sissy girl of your dreams. Sucking dirty old men’s cocks is your right as a sissy slut. Sucking the sperm out of big daddy’s cocks is your right as a forced feminized sissy whore. Become what you desire. Do it. Don’t be ashamed. It’s your right. Your right is to be used by alpha males as the fuck toy you’ve been programmed to be. Get pretty, sissy. Enjoy This Is Your Future by AmberSis.

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