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All The Gurls Do It: A Sissy Slogan by AnalCumBunny

Fuck You All The Time - AnalCumBunny
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How long have you wanted to be a sissy slut? Quite a long time, right? What’s standing in the way of you becoming the sissy whore of your dreams? Friends? Family? Work? Stop being such a pussy and take a chance on the one thing you have craved for so long. Become a sissy slut whore of your dreams. You know it’s the only thing that will make you happy. Start the transition today. Being girly opens up so many possibilities. Cam whore? Escort? Pornstar? Even wife? You know you can earn a living. You know that you will be happy showing off. Being a sissy slut opens up a wide variety of fun things. Travel. Shoes. Handbags. Clothes. Toys. Cars. Penthouses. The better the sissy whore you become the more happier life filled with all the materialisic femininity you will gain. Enjoy All The Gurls Do It: A Siss Slogan by AnalCumBunny.

Enjoy All The Gurls Do It: A Siss Slogan by AnalCumBunny.

Sissy Fuck Reverse by HypnoCypher

Sissy Fuck Reverse - HypnoCypher
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Submit to men. Be a sissy bimbo slut. Sissy faggot. You love big dick. Born to be a faggot. Sissy slut. Beg for cocks. Slave for dicks. Be a sissy slut. You need cum. Your destiny. You love sucking big dick. You are a cum addict. Horny cock sucker. Give in. Beg for dicks. Sissy faggot. You want to get your asshole destroyed. Horny sissy bitch. You need fat cock. Weak for dick. You need cum. Open your hole. Give in to cock. Be a sissy slut. Accept your destiny. Drink cum. Desperate for cocks. Weak for dick. Completely depraved. Sissy slut. Submit to men. You want to suck big dick. You want to be fucked by big dick. Be a sissy slut. Accept your destiny. Enjoy Sissy Fuck Reverse by HypnoCypher.

Sissy Cock Addict Hypno by HFP90

Sissy Cock Addict Hypno - HFP90
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I know what you think about when you put on make up… COCK! Time to suck. Cock makes you happy. Doesn’t that look fun. Suck cock. Watch. Learn. She is your role model. Happiness. Submission. Happy Cock Sissy Slut. This is fun. Love cock. Losing yourself. Good girl. Ready to lose your anal virginity? Feels so good. I need more. Can’t stop now. Role model. Shes right. I want this. I love cock. I love this. I want big cock in my ass. Love cock. Happy. Sissy Slut. Role model. I love cum. This will be me. This is me. Squirt cum on my face. Happy cum slut. This is me forever. Enjoy Sissy Cock Addict Hypno by HFP90.

Like A (Sissy) Slut by AnalCumBunny

Like A (Sissy) Slut - AnalCumBunny
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Move your body like a slut. You desire to be the sluttiest sissy whore ever. You love to be the sissy slut of your dreams. Sucking juicy cock. Being fucked by huge hard cocks. Share your fantasy with a friend. You love it don’t you, faggot? You need to be fucked. It’s your destiny. It’s the only thing you think about. Hard cock sliding in and out of your boi pussy. Swallowing hot steamy load after load. Enjoy Like A (Sissy) Slut by AnalCumBunny.

Satisfaction by AnalCumBunny

Satisfaction - AnalCumBunny
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Skimpy bikini + baby oil. Be extra slutty, buy them too small. Get shiny and lubed up. Jiggle, hump, edge, do it again. Slutty costumes. Become a cosplay slut. Be a tease, attract perverts. Explore all your horniest urges. Cute butt plugs. Collect every color and style. Bigger is better. Always go ass to mouth. Suction cup dildo. Always keep one with you. Ache for sloppy throat fucking. Live to pound your anus. Chastity cage. Rewire your brain, make your ass a pussy. You only cum with your bumcunt now. Get hopelessly addicted to anal. Slutty piercings + tattoos. Always be sensitive and horny. Show everyone you’re a whore. Get off on degrading yourself. Double ended dildo. Feed your addiction. Never stop training your fuckholes. Corrupt all of your friends. Fucking machine. Never leave home. Fuck yourself stupid. Big, thick, meaty cocks. Suck them. Fuck them. Crave them. Special deals on all sissymakers. Lifetime guarantee included. Includes mandatory cum addiction upgrade free of charge. Note. All sales and transformations are final. Enjoy your new life. Enjoy Satisfaction by AnalCumBunny.

Lucid Sissy Thoughts by Sissy Gal Jasmine

Lucid Sissy Thoughts - Sissy Gal Jasmine
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Cock is what you crave. Dressing feminine is your route to the goal… cock sliding in and out of your holes. Sissy boi. You want to get fucked so much, and why not. It’s your entire reason for living. Dressing up, putting on make up, growing your hair long, getting your nails done, being waxed all over, high heels, short skirt, itty bitty bra and panties that just cover your cocklet and boi pussy. You know it. Everyone knows it. Being a man isn’t your role in life. Being a sissy cock socket slut whore is what your role is. Sucking cock. Being fucked by cock. Swallowing gobs of sperm while locked in chastity is your life. It’s the life you’ve wanted to live for so long, isn’t it sissy faggot whore. Well, live it. Live it now! Enjoy Lucid Sissy Thoughts by Sissy Gal Jasmine.

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