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A Sissy’s Tale – On The Hook (Chapter 1) by Mortus Girls

On The Hook - A Sissy's Tale (Chapter 1) - Mortus Girls
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Someone knows about your addiction. They know you like cock. They know you are a little sissy bitch. They want you to pay them. They will expose you for who you truly are, sissy. What are you going to do? Are you going to play along or are you going to be outed to your family? The choice is yours. We all know what you will do. You will be his little sissy bitch. You know it, he knows it. Everyone knows it. Enjoy On The Hook – A Sissy’s Tail (Chapter 1) by Mortus Girls.

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Sissy Hookup Hypno by Jyreporn

Sissy Hookup Hypno - Jyreporn
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Be a good girl. Enjoy cock. Only his cock matters. Suck that cock. You need it. Get on your knees. You love cock. Suck his cock. Sissy faggots want to drink cum. You feel girly. You are being programmed. Lose yourself. Drain his balls. Sissies love cute panties. Say: I am a sissy. Accept your programming. Let men fuck all your holes. You crave cock. Everybody knows you are a sissy. Your boi pussy needs to be covered in cum. Serve cock. Need cock. Love cock. Suck cock. Feminize. Wear panties. Worship cock. Keep practicing sissy. Feminize permanently. Enjoy Sissy Hookup Hypno by Jyreporn.

Pansexual Sissy Slut Cam Whore Hypno Edging Trainer One by TheChastityChannel

Pansexual Sissy Slut Cam Whore Hypno Edging Trainer - TheChastityChannel
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You need this. It’s your new job sissy whore. It’s your calling card. Become a sissy slut cam whore ready to do everything your fans tell you. Spank your ass. Suck that dildo. Turn up those anal plug vibes. Blow kisses. Suck your fingers. Masterbate that boi clitty. Get paid. Dress sexy. Play with your boi pussy. Swallow that dildo. Get your fans excited. Get sent gifts. Sell your panties. Squirt your load. Lick up your cummies. Show the camera slut. Swallow. You love it sissy slut cam whore. Enjoy Pansexual Sissy Slut Cam Whore Hypno Edging Trainer One by TheChastityChannel.

Mind Fuck by Sissy Gal Jasmine

Mind Fuck - Sissy Gal Jasmine
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Dress sexy. Become horny. Get fucked hard. Sissy sluts like you need hard cock in their boi pussy and in their mouth. Sucking and fucking is your life. That’s all you care about. You want to look sexy for your man. You love how he treats you. Cock is your world. Licking. Sucking. Choking. Hard cocks down your throat. You can’t wait. It’s your destiny. Forget your old life. You are not straight. You are a sissy whore. Focus. Be the slut you have always dreamed of. You know its you. You know its what you want. You love it. Cock. Cum. Heels. You love it. Enjoy Mind Fuck by Sissy Gal Jasmine.

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Sissy Cock Trainer by Loltraps

Sissy Cock Trainer - Loltraps
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You desperately crave cock in your mouth. You have a very strong oral fixation for penis sucking. It is something you crave and yearn for very intensely. You are a girl. You are going to take on more feminine characteristics, sweetie. You love to paint your nails and you need cock in your mouth to such an intense degree that you can feel it over your entire body. Yes. I know exactly how much you desire to suck cock. You want it so badly that you are compelled to stare at mens crotches all the time. They might see you looking sweetie you better be careful. But your compelled to stare. You have to stare. You crave cum all over your face and inside your mouth. It is a very strong craving. Your desire to suck cock so very strong and so very deeply embedded in your subconscious mind. But so powerful that very soon it will reach your conscious mind and you will need to find a penis to suck. It is very important for you to find a penis to suck. You always crave a cock in your mouth. 24/7 you are thinking about sucking cock and how good it would feel to have a cock in your mouth at that very moment. Enjoy Sissy Cock Trainer by Loltraps.

Cum Challenge For BBC Lovers by Annamkd

Cum Challenge For BBC Lovers - Annamkd
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Go ahead baby, I don’t mind if you stroke your little white didklet while this fat black cock is stretching my little pussy and makig me cum uncontrollably like the BBC slut I am! You know you love cock baby. You don’t like pussy anymore. You want cock sliding in and out of your holes. Enjoy Cum Challenge For BBC Lovers by Annamkd.

Like A Girl by Xeriom

Like A Girl - Xeriom
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You were born different sissy. You never wanted to be a boy. You knew from such a young age, didn’t you. Well now is the time to let your inner girl out. It’s a new era. The world will embrace your femininity. The world will embrace you sissy. If you want to be a girl, you can. There’s no stigma surrounding wanting to become a girl. It’s allowed. If you want to suck cock. That’s allowed too. If you want to be fucked really hard in your boi pussy, yes that’s allowed also. So, come out of the closet, sissy. It’s not like anyone doesn’t know. Everyone knows. Girls know. Your friends know. Your family knows. Embrace it. Become the girl you were meant to be. Stop procrastinating. Stop wasting time. Start hormone therapy. Grow your hair out. Start dressing more feminine. Find yourself a man to take care of you. Find yourself a man with a nice big hard cock that you can worship. Enjoy Like A Girl by Xeriom.