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Feminize Yourself by Loltraps

Feminize Yourself - Loltraps
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 You are feminine. You act like a girl. You think like a girl. You portray being a girl. A sisssy girl. It’s your destiny. You know you’ll never be happy as a boy. You need to feminize yourself. Become the girl of your dreams. Let a man take care of you. Dress up for your man. Dress sexily. Wear high heels. Accentuate your legs. Twirl around. Flirt with your man. Let him caress you. Let him desire you. You are a girl. Get on your knees, sissy. His cock is ready. You can’t wait to suck it. You are so horny. You are so aroused. You love cock. Suck it, sissy. Taste it. Desire it. Suck it until it shoots. You know it will. You are suck a good cocksucker. You can’t wait to taste his sperm. It’s coming, sissy. You know it’s coming. Swallow it all. It’s your prize. Enjoy Feminize Yourself by Loltraps.

I Am A Woman by Trasimene

I Am A Woman - Trasimene
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I accept I am a woman. Breathe in. Breathe out. Women are so beautiful. Soft hair. Feminine bodies. Wet lips. And women are so hypnotic in the way they move. So entransing. Breathe in and breathe out. Girls love attention to. Being lusted after. Pursued. Imagine the idea that men want to touch you, caress you, fuck you. And of course this is true because we all need attention. Even you. You want to be wanted and it’s perfectly natural. Breathe in. Breathe out. Now imagine you were a woman. How much attention would you get. Probably a lot. Men would be lost in their desire for you. It would be hard not to give into your own desire. It’s different to being a man. Constantly being able to be fucked at a moments notice. All those guys lining up to shove their beautiful cocks in you. All you have to do is say yes. If you were a woman and you wanted to, you could be a total slut. I am sure it’s not the first time you have thought about it. Admit it. Would you be a demure girl, or a complete whore. Who are we kidding, you’d be the whore wouldn’t you? That’s right, you’d sink into the role so far you wouldn’t know if it was a role or who you really are. Now that’s an interesting thought. Breathe in. Breathe out. Enjoy I Am A Woman by Trasimene.

Strip For Daddy by SissyFoxi

Strip For Daddy - SissyFoxi
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Sissy. Wear panties. Wear lingerie. Dress up sexy. Wiggle that ass. Learn to strip. Sissy. Flirt. Whore. Slave. Sissy twerk. Cock sucker. Whore. Sissy. Girly slut. Wear satin. Filthy slut. Daddy’s here. Pout at daddy. Make him feel the sexual tension. His compliments make you horny. Wear stockings to turn him on. Lacey thongs. Apply make up to give daddy something to ruin. Some lipstick to get him going. Get your heels on and make an entrance for your daddy. You are a girl. Girly slut. Sissy. Slut. You fucking love it sissy. Slave. Naughty sissies must have their bottom spanked. OMG finally a cock to serve. You are a girl. Let daddy touch you. You need that cock in your sissy mouth. Wank that big black cock you dirty sissy slut. Suck. Suck. Suck. Play with his balls. You love serving black men. You want to be his ass cleaner. You had better do a good fucking job. You should have put more effort into it, you’re in trouble. You are their property. Be Daddy’s Fuck Hole Sissy. Daddy’s angry you are his release. Just give in to daddy. This is your life now. It feels so good having your sissy ass fucked. A good sissy takes every inch of a big black cock. Cum sissy. Drink it. Fucking milk him. Drink it. Keep sucking. Drink all of daddy’s cum sissy. Take it. Good girl. Enjoy Strip For Daddy by SissyFoxi.

Sissy Brainwashing by Regalrider

Sissy Brainwashing - Regalrider
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Take your cock out… If you’re a good little sissy. Let the programming wash over you. Think about becoming a girl. Think about hard cock. Think about cum spraying all over your face. You are a sissy. Yes, you are. Admit it. You want to be a girl. You want cock. You want cum in your mouth and in your boi pussy. It’s time, sissy. You know it’s all you want to do with your life. Being fucked. Swallowing cum. It can be your life. Embrace it. Become the sissy slut you were meant to be. What’s holding you back, sissy? You do everything in the comfort of your home. You dress sexy, you put on makeup, you wear high heels, you wear a long feminine wig. You are a girl, sissy. So admit it to yourself that this is all you want to be. A slutty sissy girl. What are you waiting for? Go out dressed to impress. Go out and find cock. Go out and find the cum you crave. Enjoy Sissy Brainwashing by Regalrider.

Shemale PMV by Opapaa

Shemale PMV - Opapaa
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So sexy aren’t they? So feminine? They decided their destiny early. They decided they loved cock so much they would modify themselves beyond all recognition in order to attract the best cocks they could. They decided that they could earn a living doing what they love, seeking more cocks. They became the most gorgeous sissy sluts you could ever imagine in order to get cock. What is stopping you from following their lead? To hairy? Shave… To fat? Eat salad… To manly? Get surgery… there’s a cock for you out there if you want it. Stop with the excuses. Become the sissy slut whore you were born to be. Why else would you be on this earth. Serve cock. You know it. Everyone knows it. Cock is your life. Start living it. Enjoy Shemale PMV by Opapaa.

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Cock Worship by SlutXThree

Cock Worship - SlutXThree
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Suck it. Lick it. Taste it. Deep down your throat. Ready? Here we go your little slut. Ready to suck this dick? I know you are. Get ready. Suck this cock. Taste this dick. Suck it. Suck it. Dirty little cock loving whore. Suck my cock. Little whore. Open wide. Dirty slut. Suck it real good. Deep in your throat. Dirty fucking whore. Suck this cock. Suck it. You fucking slut. Every fucking inch down your throat. You’re gonna love it. Filled with this cock. Nasty little whore. Take it. Deeper. Deeper. Deepthroat that cock. Every inch. Take it. Fucking slut. You love sucking that cock. Dirty little whore. Cum deep in your throat. You love the taste of cum. Take it. Take that cum. Suck that dick good. Work for that cum. Feel it fill your mouth. Little cocksucking whore. Cum whore. Worship the cock. Enjoy Cock Worship by SlutXThree.

Kimber Haven’s Guide To Becoming A Real Sissy

Kimber Haven's Guide To Becoming A Real Sissy
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Follow these steps to become a fuck toy. Step 1: Start hormones to grow perky bitch tits. Step 2: Dress like a sissy fairy. After all, you need to wear a bra now anyways. Take selfies and send them to men online. Step 3: Get your nails done as faggoty as possible. Step 4: Get pierced. Ears, nose and tongue for starters. Step 5: Smoke like a whore. If you don’t smoke… start. Smoking tells guys you’re a trashy slut. Develop at least a pack a day habit. You should be spending your money on… lipgloss and cigarettes, faggot. Now that you’re a hormone taking chain smoking queer… Let’s move on… Step 6: Get branded. All faggots should have a tramp stamp. It’s a sign of faggot pride. Step 7: Get a tit job at least DD’s. Take selfies of your new fake tits… Show them off to men online. Men will want to fuck your new tits and you will let them sissy. Step 8: Lip injections. You will need big dick sucking lips. Now get used to using your new lips by sucking cock, faggot. This is what your punk lips are for now. Sucking Dick! Always swallow! A man’s cum is now your favorite treat! You crave it! Step 9: Your ass isn ow a pussy. You are no longer a man… You’re just another bitch! Your ass is now a sloppy wet pussy… Step 10: Career change. Now that you have turned yourself into a shemale sissy cockwhore… no “normal” job will hire you. But the good news is you have a bunch of new career options that will be perfect for a shemale sissy fag like you… Stripper… Porn… Cam Whore… Hooker… Enjoy your new life sissy. Enjoy Kimber Haven’s Guide To Becoming A Real Sissy.

Sissy Trainer: Become A Sissy Slut by Anal_Stazja

Sissy Trainer: Become A Sissy Slut - Anal_Stazja
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You become what you think about most of the time. You think about being a sissy most of the time, don’t you sissy? You want nothing more than to dress up in sexy outfits, slip on sexy platform stilettos, slap on some pretty make-up, a sexy wig and go out in the world hunting for cock, which is the other thing you think about most of the time. Being a girl is all you want. You want nothing else in life than dressing up as a sissy whore and sucking cock. Can you live like this, you ask? Yes you can. Find yourself a master or mistress and service them daily. Service their friends and those who they share you with. You want to be owned by them so you can focus your mind on dressing sexy and sucking cock. Becoming a sissy slut is your life. Embrace your destiny, sissy. There’s no escaping it. You don’t think about anything else. Enjoy Sissy Trainer: Become A Sissy Slut by Anal_Stazja.

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