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The Hole Of Glory by Sissy Gal Jasmine

The Hole Of Glory - Sissy Gal Jasmine
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Well my dirty little slut today we are going to step things up for your little cocksucking ass. Now I know I’ve gotten you to jerk your dick a lot to these gay porn videos where you see these hot big dicks just waiting to be sucked and just looking for a hole to fuck. But, today you are actually really going to become the true cocksucking whore that you know yourself to be. You know you love to suck the dick. And so today in this dirty disgusting adult video store you are going to suck off as many anonymous cocks as I tell you to. You are going to shove them down your throat and any second there is going to be some stud who is going to come to this gloryhole right here and he’s going to expect a blowjob and you are going to do it. You are going to suck his fucking dick. You are going to suck it until he sprays his disgusting load all over your face and then the next guy is going to come in and you are going to suck him off too. And the next guy, the next guy and the next guy until you think you just can’t suck any more dick. Enjoy The Hole Of Glory by Sissy Gal Jasmine.

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Welcome Home My Sissy Girl by Mortus Girls

Welcome Home My Sissy Girl - Mortus Girls
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Welcome sissy. Do you mind if I call you girl? Don’t answer I know why you are here. Fear. Desire. Submission. You don’t need to understand it. It’s very simple. Real men don’t need to watch these videos. I’m glad we found your goal. Good girl. If you’re honest with me we will achieve a lot. Open yourself up to it. Show me your true nature. Good girl. Your training starts now. Tell me, honestly what do you think about when you jerk off? Are you thinking about a girl who’s pleasuring someone’s cock? Or do you think about the cock she’ll be pleasuring? It’s such a weird question, isn’t it? But the answer is the only one here… It will help us to understand how far you have gone. Sooner or later you will realize that there is no difference anymore and all is pretty clear I can see how much you want it. Your poor body can’t wait any longer. You know what you need. You know you can have it and you now exactly what you have to do no matter how you torture yourself trying not to think about it. The desire to touch this guilty pleasure will become only stronger. It amuses me so much when you deny it when all you do is think about cock and jerk your clit off. Enjoy Welcome Home My Sissy Girl by Mortus Girls.

Sissy Challenge Pimped Out by Slutty-Sissy-Kitty

Sissy Challenge Pimped Out - Slutty-Sissy-Kitty
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Do you think you have the depraved mindset? Will you do anything eagerly? Someone else will reap the rewards. Can you be a little fairy for strange men all night? Can you prove it that you are a worthwile fuckmeat for your pimp daddy? Do you want to serve sleazy, vile bastards? Here is your task, sissy whore… Always follow the rules of your pimp. He knows what is best for you and how to make you a good whore. Let him train you, whore. You want to be a top-seller. He owns you now. He can do anything to you. The training can be hard and painful depending on your will to be degraded. Accept where dirty sissy whores belong. When your training is finished you can’t wait for your first customers. On the streets. At truck stops. In hotels. You are no available to all and any men. You only think about how to please men and how to make more money for daddy. You are a toy that men enjoy using. You make sure they have the time of their lives. You ask nasty, mean men to use you… To violate your body. You make them feel good so they come back again and again. Enjoy Sissy Challenge Pimped Out by Slutty-Sissy-Kitty.

Sissy Slut Popper Hypno by Mesmerism

Sissy Slut Popper Hypno - Mesmerism
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Hello Sissy slut. Get ready. Dress up in your most sexy outfits. Go out sexy and look for your man. Go down on your man. Suck, suck, suck. You love it. You need it. Sissy Slut. Sniff those poppers bitch. Lick that cock. Give up your inhibitions. You love it. Deep throat. Suck it hard. Suck it deep. Lick it. Enjoy it. You are so excited. Masterbate your clitty. You need to be fucked. Bend over bitch. The time is now. Open that boi pussy. Take that cock bitch. Is your clit leaking, slut? Yes it is! This is your life. Getting fucked by alpha males. Pervert sissy slut. Sniff those poppers, sissy. You crave it. Take that load. Open your mouth slut. Open that boi pussy. Cream pie? Swallow? Its your alpha male master’s choice. You can’t wait to have your mouth filled with salty gooey semen. Swallow it bitch. It’ll make you the girl you crave to be. Enjoy Sissy Slut Popper Hypno by Mesmerism.