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Cock Suck Encouragement 1 by AudiophilePirate

Cock Suck Encouragement 1 - AudiophilePirate
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Take a deep, deep breath and I want you to picture in your mind a big fat cock in front of you. Much bigger than yours. A large juicy dick all for you. Now you reach out and touch it. Feel its girth, it’s heavy weight as you take it and stroke it and you lick your lips in anticipation. Lick those lips. In anticipation of taking that big juicy cock all right into your mouth and lick it and sucking it and slurping it. And your cock gets harder and harder as you suck that cock harder and harder and you know just where to pleasure it just where to place your tongue just how to suck it good because you have a cock yourself and you know how good it feels getting sucked and you take that big cock in your mouth and you suck it good and you start to build up speed, sucking it, slurping it, devouring it and looking up to the eyes of your male stud hoping the pleasuring you are giving him is giving him as much pleasure as it is bringing you as your cock grows harder and harder and the cock you are sucking is getting harder and harder and the faster you are sucking his dick the better feels in your groin and you bring his cock deep into your throat now sucking it, letting him fuck your fucking face, gripping his tight firm buttocks bringing him all the way into your mouth… Enjoy Cock Suck Encouragement 1 by AudiophilePirate.

DeepSlutPuppy Cumversion by PleaseSissyMe

DeepSlutPuppy CumVersion - PleaseSissyMe
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 I know you all enjoyed Deep Slut Puppy’s Episode 6 which was an update to Miss Cassie’s Britney Spears Cum Trainer 2013. It is The Sissy Hypnosis Club’s highest rated video! An updated version of the video has been created by PleaseSissyMe called the ‘Extreme Cum Drinking Version – ZoeMIX’. Unfortunately, due to new embed rules at HypnoTube I can’t embed the video here so I have uploaded it to one of my XVideos accounts. I know you will like this one. I’ve watched it a few times… It’s very good. Enjoy DeepSlutPuppy Cumversion by PleaseSissyMe.

SissyMaker 6 by EmperorHypnos

SissyMaker 6 - EmperorHypnos
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Here is a Sissy Hypnosis video that you’ve been waiting a whole year for. SissyMaker 6 by EmperorHypnos. It’s not officially uploaded by Emma Nice, it was uploaded by someone at the SissyHypno Reddit group, so it is likely to be taken down at some point. If you enjoy it, please consider donating to EmperorHypnos Gumroad site.

I do recommend that you purchase the entire PPV collection from EmperorHypnos Gumroad listing. You can get Full HD versions of: Cum Slut Destiny 2, GloryHole Whore (2 versions, one is a poppers edition), SissyMaker 2, SissyMaker 6 and SissyMaker 6 with no captions, SissyMaker 6 Remix, SissyMaker 3 720p, Cock Slut Obsession, Sissy Mind Breaker, Cum Dumpster Submission, SissyMaker 5 Part 1 and Part 2. As well as 3 audio hypnosis tracks. All this for about $35! Most of this content is not available via Adult Video Sharing sites.

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Addicted to Cum by AnnieWankenobi

Addicted To Cum - AnnieWankenobi
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There is just something about girls telling you want to do that turns you on. Dreaming about sucking big cocks. By the end of this video you are going to finally admit that you are a cocksucker. Your brain needs cock to enjoy. You live for cock. You are a cocksucker. All of these fantasies. All of those dirty thoughts spending all day thinking about being a cum dumpster. Fresh warm cum in your mouth will make you happy. You want a cock to spurt cum all over your face sissy. You want to be a cock sucker. Just open your whore mouth and take that load. You love watching whores. Now you are the whore. It’s time to admit it. Your new years resolution is to get on your knees and fulfil your sissy desires by sucking on a big hard cock. Full huge loads sliding over your tongue. How many times have you cum wishing you were taking that big cock in your mouth. You’re going to do it. You can’t wait. You just crave cock so much. You will beg for cum. Enjoy Addicted to cum by AnnieWankenobi.

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Sissy Trainer for Analsluts by SissyLadyB

Sissy Trainer For Analsluts - SissyLadyB
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So you want to be an Analslut for men? Do you want men to desire your girly ass? Start to act like an Analslut. Panties down for real cocks! Do the butt lift workout… single leg kickbacks, 20 times each leg. Squats, 30 times. Kickbacks in tabletop position, 15 times each leg. Donkey kicks, 15 times each leg. Crossovers, 15 times each leg. Glute bridges, 15 times. Single leg glute bridges, 15 times each leg. Do 2-3 sets of these reps every day for a great girly butt that will have all the guys dying to stick their cock inside you. Enjoy Sissy Trainer for Analsluts by SissyLadyB.

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Drill Me Down by MJ Sissy

Drill Me Down - MJ Sissy
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The hypnosis is working, you are being slowly changed day-by-day. You now worship cock. You no longer like pussy. Cock rules your world. You know what cock can do for you. Cock can rock your world. Cock can free you to be yourself. Because you are a dirty sissy slut now aren’t you? You know you are. Just admit it. Live the life you have only imagined. Follow the cock. Submit to the cock. It’s a totally new era for sissies. No longer do you need to be in the closet. You have the chance to live the life out in the open. No judgement, it’s against the law to be judged. So, go ahead, sissy… Be the sissy slut you’ve always wanted to be. Enjoy Drill Me Down by MJ Sissy.

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Interlude by Hypnocypher

Interlude - HypnoCypher
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You’re a real sissy girl. Sissy fag. Desperate for cock. Real femboi. Cock sucker. Real female. Cum guzzler. You crave cock. Submit to men. Sissies need big cock. Hypnotized sissy fags need sex. Sissy clit tingling. Sissy needs real men everyday. Feminized boi slut. Horny sissy girl. Locked sissy clit. Love sex. Debauched slut. Obsession. You crave cock. Desperate for cock. Surrender to real men. Stretch your ass. Hormoned femboi. You need it. You crave cock. Horny cunt. Real female pussy. It’s good. It’s what you want. Destroyed whore. Depraved princess. Sissy clit tingling. Make fun. Depraved princess. Frustration. Good sissy girl. Sex date. Give in. Enjoy Interlude by Hypnocypher.

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