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Cum Slut Programming by AnnieWankenobi

Cum Slut Programming - AnnieWankenobi
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It’s time for us to practice some of your cock taking skills for all the ejaculate you will take here. You are going to eat it up. It’s going to taste so good knowing with every drop you swallow you come closer and closer to sissy transformation. That pleases me. So go ahead. You can begin. Stroke that clitty of yours. Thinking of how good it would feel for me to line up a bunch of guys with nice fat cocks in front of you. So you can suck them all while you’re dressed up like a little whore. Yes we’re going to put you in very slutty attire. We’re going to make sure you are wearing heels and make up like a good little slut. Remember that every last drop is going to slide down your slutty little throat and it will bring you closer nd closer to be a real woman. Enjoy Cum Slut Programming by AnnieWankenobi.

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Surrender by Jyzex

Surrender - Jyzex
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Accept. Go deeper. Fall into a trance. Play with it. Get ready to submit. It’s your time sissy. You know you want to be a girl. How could you not want to be a girl. Pink makes you feel super cute and girly. You love being a girl. You’re dumb now. Say over and over, Make me your cock whore. Say it over and over. Just let go. Listen. Learn. Brainwash yourself. Become the sissy of your dreams. Sissy. The moment you fell in love with being the girl. Obey. You can’t help yourself, you love being a stupid sissy cock whore. Enjoy Surrender by Jyzex.

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Sissy Slut Hypno by Sissy Gal Jasmine

Sissy Slut Hypno - Sissy Gal Jasmine
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You want to be a girl so much. You want to have your breasts enlarged. You want to have your cock removed so you can be fucked so hard. So you can be a proper girl. Sucking cock all day long. Riding cock all day long. Swallowing sperm all day long. You want to be a girl so much. Grow your hair long and add sexy extensions. Have your lips pumped full of collogen. have your ass implanted. Have cheek implants. Make yourself so incredibly sexy because you just want cock, nothing else in life satisfies you. Cock. You love cock so much you will even change religions. You dumb beta cock sucking sissy bitch whore. You are so addicted. Do it, do it now. Become the sissy slut of your dreams. Enjoy Sissy Slut Hypno by Sissy Gal Jasmine.

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Sissy Cum Eater by Lechacal

Sissy Cum Eater - Lechacal
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Welcome cocksucker… Craving hard cock in your mouth darling? Get ready to eat some cum you little slut… It feels so warm on your face… You’re so happy to get your reward… Enjoy your creamy cum sissy… You crave this… Enjoy the hot load covering your face… Savour the sweet and creamy taste of his cum… Savour this moment you little whore… Do you want to cum? Or do you want a hard cock to make you cum? Time to be a slut… We already know you’re a cocksucker… You live for dick… But you want cock in more than just your mouth… Your man-pussy aches to be filled… You’re a slutty little girl now… Time to get fucked darling… Ready to eat some cum sissy? You’ve been thinking about dick all day… And now it’s time to get slutty… You can’t stop thinking about cum. You crave to be covered in cum… You crave its taste… You wait on your knees for your feeding… Hot cum fills your mouth… You live for this moment… Now get to work bitch… Enjoy Sissy Cum Eater by Lechacal.




Sissygasm Brainwash by SissyStudent

Sissygasm Brainwash - SissyStudent
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Welcome back to class cutie! Now if you have been doing your homework you should be used to playing with your boi pussy daily. In this class we will be exploring the ultimate form of pleasure, a sissygasm! Now lube up your cute butt and pay attention!

Soon, you are going to be doing this. Cumming from only anal pleasure. No more rubbing your clitty. Give your boi pussy what it deserves. Use your fingers if you don’t have a dildo. All sissies should cum handsfree only. Letting your cummies leak and drip out. Moaning like a girly little slut. It takes practice so be patient sweetie. Keep trying until you get it right. Ignore your clitty at all costs. Your boi pussy needs to be fucked. You will quiver and shake in frustration. But it will all be worth the effort. The most intense orgasm imaginable. Whimpering in pleasure like a girl. You will get hooked instantly. Your tight boi pussy always craving more. Spending hours alone fingering your boi pussy. Dribbling cum all over yourself. Over and over again every day. Needing your hole to be filled. Sissygasm is the only way you will cum. This is your future sissy, feminine orgasms only. Addicted to playing with your boi pussy. Once you’ve experienced it, there’s no going back. Enjoy Sissygasm Brainwash by SissyStudent.

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Sissy Girlfriend by SissyStudent

Sissy Girlfriend - SissyStudent
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Hey cutie! Look, I know you hate icky pussy and that’s totally okay!! It doesn’t mean you only have to date boys though. There are plenty of cute, sexy, sissy girls who would love to be your girlfriend! Today we will be going over all the reasons why you should find yourself a sweet Sissy Girlfriend!!!

First off, they have what you crave the most… A yummy, delicious, mouth watering cock. On top of that they’re cuter and prettier than most girls. A soft feminine body with luscious lips and beautiful hair. Everything you could want in a perfect girlfriend. The best of both worlds, a cute girl with a nice cock. She would know exactyl what you want and how to please you. Because she’s a sissy just like you. And you would give her exactly what she needs. Long loving kisses, slow passionate blowjobs. Swallowing all of her yummy cum passionately. The most perfect relationship imaginable. It doesn’t have to be just fantasy. A lot of sissy girls are looking for love just like you. Think of how much fun you would have together. Flirting and being girly with each other. Having incredible intense sex all the time. Falling in love with her cute sexy body. You would please her any way she wanted. And she would do the same for you. But there’s more than just sex. She would be your best friend. You would do each other’s make up and go shopping. Becoming more and more feminine together. Expressing your girly side with someone who understands. Two sweet loving girlfriends meant for each other. So what are you waiting for cutie! Get out there and find yourself a sexy sissy girlfriend. Trust me, it will be worth the effort. Good luck, I love you!!! Enjoy Sissy Girlfriend by SissyStudent.

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The Ultimate Sissy Guide – Accept Yourself Faggot by SissyHaven

The Ultimate Sissy Guide - Accept Yourself Faggot - SissyHaven
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All you need to do is admit to yourself that you are a sissy faggot whore. That’s just half the battle. Stop denying it. You are addicted to sissy hypnosis. That’s why you are here every day. That’s why you have your little clitty out and stroking to all this sissy hypno. You are not just addicted, you are a faggot. A little sissy fag boi. You love to be girly. So, stop denying it. You crave it so, so much. You make up. You love hair. You love long painted nails. You love pretty jewelry. You love frilly girly panties. You love lingerie. So just go with it. Admit to yourself that you love cock. You love it so much. Don’t you, faggot? Just do it. Tell yourself you are a faggot. Say “I am a sissy faggot and I like to suck cock and I like the taste of sperm!” Shout it out. Message your friends and family and admit to them that you are a sissy and want to be a girl. They won’t mind. They already know. They are going to help you pick out your outfits, help you with your plastic surgery, help you with your makeup and your voice training. They will help you with everything you need to turn into a girly bimbo sissy whore you’ve always wanted to be. Enjoy The Ultimate Sissy Guide – Accept Yourself Faggot by SissyHaven.

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Sissy Maker 3 by Sissy Gal Jasmine

Sissy Maker 3 - Sissy Gal Jasmine
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Stop denying it. You are a girl. There’s no point in thinking about anything other than being girly. Because, you are a girl. You love cock. Like a girl. You love cock up your boi pussy. Like a girl. You love cock in your mouth. Like a girl. You love to be dominated. Like a girl. You like to be controlled. Like a girl. And you like to swallow sperm. Like a girl. So. Just admit it. You are a girl. You Are A Girl. YOU ARE A GIRL! You would happily spend your days looking pretty and sexy for your alpha male master. You’d do anything to just be a girl. It’s totally up to you. Everything is acceptable. Do as thou wilt is the whole of the law. You owe it to yourself to become the girly bimbo slutty whore that you have always dreamed of. Just do it. Do It. DO IT! BE A GIRL! Enjoy Sissy Maker 3 by Sissy Gal Jasmine.

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