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Anal Is Magic by AnalCumBunny

Anal Is Magic - AnalCumBunny
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Taking cock in your ass is the best feeling you can ever have, sissy slut. The feeling of complete helplessness as you are taken by your master cannot be beat, you sissy whore. Take that cock, sissy slut. Your ass pussy should be filled all the way up, sissy girl. You love anal don’t you, sissy faggot. It’s your life, your love, your reason for living. Dicks. Cocks. Penises. All up your asshole. You need it so bad, don’t you. Enjoy Anal Is Magic by AnalCumBunny.

Sissy Porn Virus by Sissy Gal Jasmine

Sissy Porn Virus - Sissy Gal Jasmine
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Suck cock. Get fucked. Whore. You love cock up your ass. You love cock in your mouth. You love being a sissy slut. Dress like a girl. Suck cock. Get fucked. Whore. You can’t want to be submissive. You need a man’s hands on your body. You need a man’s cock inside you. Suck. Fuck. Swallow a man’s cum. All you think about is cock. All you need is cock inside you. Cock rules your world. Suck cock. Get fucked. Whore. You need cock so bad. You can’t think straight. You need cock so much. Cock is heaven to sissy whores like you. Sissy Girl. Enjoy Sissy Porn Virus by Sissy Gal Jasmine.

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Money Sluts by Leal2k

Money Sluts - Leal2k
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Being a sissy can earn you a lot of money. You bimbo sissy slut, you are missing out if you don’t already know. It’s time for you to share your knowledge of being a sissy with the world. And get paid. Money sluts make bank as a sex worker. Become a cam slut. Great way to dress up, sit at home, masterbate and cum for adoring fans who will send you gifts by mail through wishlists from various websites around the world. Also, you can make bank from tokens. Check out the popular cam slut websites like Chaturbate to see what ingenous methods to get paid for being a sissy boi at home. Premium snapchat like Fan Centro can make you a regular monthly income from providing content every day. Create your own blog and advertise your escorting services using Eros, AdultWork, EscortDirectory, use the popular Cash App to take donations for your time. Set up a ManyVids account and upload your adult videos and charge your fans for watching + sell premium chat/texting, one on one video chat, and custom videos. Start a membership website, put up a video and a set of images regularly and get paid monthly via CCBill. Don’t forget to build your Tumblr profile, Twitter, Grindr and other gay/trans/fetish social media accounts to send fans your way. Get your free galleries into TGPs and on related Tumblrs. You are going to make money you slutty bimbo sissy whore! Enjoy Money Sluts by Leal2k.

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Talking Body by AnalCumBunny

Talking Body by AnalCumBunny
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Being a girl opens so many doors for you. So many doors for being a slut. Being a sexy sissy bimbo whore will give you so much. So much cock, so much cum. So many doors will open once you transition. Did you know there are so many celebrities that are secretly transgender? I wonder if you know any, let me know in the comments below. Being involved in this area of the sex business for so long you can see who are the trannies. Manly traits are everywhere in celebrity circles. Long necks. The hint of Adam’s apples. Sloping foreheads. Wide shoulders, and slim hips. Once you know, you will pick them out so easily. Search ‘secret transgender celebrities 2018’ and watch the video and channel. Sissies are taking over! Great news for all of us sissy sluts! Why is everything on its head? Hollywood. If you’re not transgender you won’t go far. Take it from me sissy, I know so many actors and actresses who can’t find work because they are straight. So it’s great that you are turning into a sissy bimbo whore. More work, more fun, more money, more cum. Enjoy Talking Body by AnalCumBunny.

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Sissy Hypno Addiction End by Jyzex

Sissy Hypno Addiction End - Jyzex
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 You are a whore. Whore’s get men off. You get men off. You are a whore. This is not a fantasy. You are a whore. This is not a fantasy. You are a slave to horny men. This is not a fantasy. Their cocks are real. Their cum is real. Your open drooling mouth is real. Submission is pleasure. You love to be commanded. You cannot live without submission. You cannot live without pleasure. You need a man to command you. You need a man to degrade you. You need a man to use you like a cum bucket. Nothing would satisfy you more. Nothing would make your stupid clitty squirt harder. Nothing else can satisfy you. Only submission can satisfy you. You need to fuck but vanilla sex cannot satisfy you. Only being fucked like a fuck animal can satisfy you. You need it all the time. It will never go away. This is not a fantasy. You are a depraved fuck animal. Suck up some of your juices now. You are feeding yourself. You are a dirty fuck animal. Regular human beings could not live like this. You cannot live without it. You need to be used. You are a fuck animal. Obedience is pleasure. You do not need your own orgasm. You need to make men orgasm instead. You need to make men cum. Enjoy Sissy Hypno Addiction End by Jyzex.

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Bambi Slut by Jyzex

Bambi Slut - Jyzex
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 Such an empty mouth and this feels bad because having it filled would feel so good and Bambi we are going to crank up this empty mouth feeling more and more. Crank up this craving to have your mouth filled and every time you hear the words “drop for cock” this extreme empty mouth feeling gets stronger and stronger and you relax and accept that you must get your mouth filled. You need to get it filled. Cranking it up more and more. Bambi drop for cock. That’s right more and more intense. Drop for cock now. Feeling so blank and sleepy as you drop for cock. Every time you hear the phrase “cranking up more and more” the craving grows stronger, your mouth opening a little wider, your eyes unfocusing, empty and accepting. HJust a fuck hole. Can’t think about anything else but getting your empty mouth filled. Enjoy Bambi Slut by Jyzex.

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Sissy Perfect Trainer by Leyendecker

Sissy Perfect Trainer - Leyendecker
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Dress up in your sissy slutwear. Pretty makeup makes pretty fembois. Show off your figure. Shave yourself smooth. Present your best assets. Public exposure. Feminine Piercings. Hypno therapy. Posture correction. Anal stretching. Orgasm control. Verbal abuse. Breast augmentation. Coerced prostitution. Bimbo training. Webcam solicitation. Chastity control. Degradation management. Forced anal orgasm. Escort Etiquette. Learned Helplessness. Feminine tattoos. Buttplug Dilation. Hormone Therapy. Mind rewiring. Lock away your clitty. Stuff your fuck hole. Stretch yourself wider. Sissies have no shame. Perfect. Fuck yourself harder. Learn to love abuse. Train until it hurts. Crave the taste of cock. Submit to your superiors. Ride dick like its your job. Get used by random men. Exist for their abuse. Perfect. Surrender to black cock. Perfect. Fulfill your fantasy. Always for sale. Whore. Slut. Bimbo. Hooker. Don’t think. Do as you’re told. Love to be degraded. Bimbo fuckdolls take big dicks. Please cock. Whore. Slut. Bimbo. Hooker. Pathetic. Sissy. Cumdumpster. Sissies deserve gangbangs. Learn to love the pain. Please multiple men. Rape makes you happy. Congratulations! You’re a sissy fuckslut. Time to claim your prize! Game Over… Enjoy Sissy Perfect Trainer by Leyendecker (I am thinking this is a contender for best Sissy Hypnosis 2019! What do you think? (said November 6, 2018) – I was right lol! (said April 21, 2019)

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