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You’re A Sissy Faggot – Kali Atrox by Jamie Anne Delaney

You're A Sissy Faggot - Kali Atrox - Jamie Anne Delaney
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 Hey faggot! Oh what? You don’t like being called a faggot? Well that’s what you are, aren’t you. Don’t deny it, I know you’re a fag. You pretend to be straight, but you’re not. You like to suck cock. Come out of the closet now. We all know, you’re not fooling anyone. Do you really think that people believe that you are straight? They don’t. They all know that you are a fucking faggot. Yep, you’re a faggot. You know this. Come over here and tell me that you are a fag.

Aww, still not ready to do it? Come on, say “I am a faggot!” Alright I guess you are going to need a little bit more convincing. Have you ever thought about sucking a cock? Yes you have. Have you ever thought about watching me get fucked by another man? And found that it wasn’t seeing me that gets you all hot, but the thought of sucking on his huge cock after he was fucking me that gets you all excited? Yes it is! How about, does the thought of putting on make-up get you excited? Yes it does! Do you know what that means? That means you’re a faggot!

Come on, you know it. Come out of the closet. You’re not fooling anyone. We all know what a fucking sissy you are. We know you daydream about sucking cock. We all know that you want to suck cock and swallow sperm. Enjoy You’re A Sissy Faggot – Kali Atorx by Jamie Anne Delaney.

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Sissy Hypno Addiction by MistyDoll

Sissy Hypno Addiction - MistyDoll
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Today you confirm that you are addicted to sissy hypnosis. Get dressed up in your sexiest outfit, put on makeup and perfume. Wear your sexiest high-heeled platform stilettos and most feminine wig. Sit back and relax while we confirm that you are a sissy hypno addict. In two and a half-hours it’ll be settled. You will be a sissy whore for life. You will do everything you can to become the best sissy whore you can be, won’t you sissy? Don’t forget to swallow your cum! Enjoy Sissy Hypno Addiction by MistyDoll.

Part 0:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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Sissy Work – Sissy Poppers Trainer by Leyendecker

Sissy Work - Sissy Poppers Trainer - Leyendecker
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You want a nice life? Fulfill your fantasy. Nice things cost money. Sell your body. You want to relax. Wear nice jewlery. You deserve nice things. Sell your holes. Eat their cum. Buy nice things. Whore yourself out. It won’t be easy. Let men use you. Men like submissive sluts. Men will pay to abuse you. Poppers make it easier. Sniff poppers. Take their cocks. Sniff poppers. Become a bimbo hooker. Make money with your body. Become a fucktoy. It’s all you’re good for. You deserve abuse. You’re a pathetic whore. At leasr get paid for it. Dress like the slut you are. Advertise your skills. Get what you always dreamed of. Submit yourself to cock. Be a good fuckslut. Poppers make it easier. Enjoy Sissy Work – Sissy Poppers Trainer by Leyendecker.

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Sex Doll by AmberSis

Sex Doll - AmberSis
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We’ve created a system that changes your body at the genetic level to match your mental projection of your true self no matter how deep it may lie buried in your subconscious. Finally, it will remove any mental attributes you no longer need. A bimbo body designed for objectification… and it seems your mind has been practically wiped… A blank slate waiting to be trained for your singular desire… Complete and total sexual subservience to men… Enjoy Sex Doll by AmberSis.

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Reverse Hypnosis by SisWen

Reverse Hypnosis - SisWen
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You love women. Especially their butts. Not to mention their tits. But most of all. Their love for cock. And they love you. They want you. Just you. And your cum. They want all of it. They are waiting in line. They even beg you for it. Give them what they want. They want to taste you. Make them crave it. Give them your cum. Don’t forget to make them cum too. Women need to cum too. You want to make them cum. They won’t make you cum if you won’t make them. You want them to squirt. It’s hard to make women cum. How about something easy first? What about sissy sluts? They don’t need to cum. They only want cum. Just like you. Wait… Do You? Don’t you remember? You are… A SISSY! A Cumslut! Ready to suck any cock! Use hormones. You want to grow tits. Feminize yourself. You can’t get her. So be her! Be the cocksleeve. Love their cocks. Love anal. Love men. Take their cocks. Eat their cum. Enjoy it. I believe in you… Enjoy Reverse Hypnosis by SisWen

Sissy Hypno Binaural Trainer by SissyTrain

Sissy Hypno Binaural Trainer by SissyTrain
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Tick tock, suck cock, never stop. Toc tick, lick clit, never quit. Forget clit, only dick. For the next 56 minutes let this binaural sissy hypnosis trainer wash over you. Lets allow the hypnosis melt your mind into a state of total submission to the lifestyle you have chosen. Being a sissy whore is your destiny. Embrace this fact. You are a girl. You want to suck cock. This is your life now sissy. Enjoy Sissy Hypno Binaural Trainer by SissyTrain.





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