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I Want To Be A Teenage Transsexual – Training Day – Sissy Training

I Want To Be A Teenage Transsexual - Training Day
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 I always though of myself as ‘just one of the gals,’ but there was just one little problem.. I had what they call ‘extra equipment.’ You see, my cock always seemed to get in the way of my dreams. That is, until I heard about the Teenage Tranny Training. Now, I’m proud to be who I am and let my nuts hang because of it. I’m the same sweet girl.. until you see my huge hard cock and gaping wide asshole! Can you handle bizarre blowjobs, gender-bending ass-fucking, and twisted tales of extreme perversion??? Watch and find out! Enjoy I Want To Be A Teenage Transsexual – Training Day.

The Program by Sissy Delicious

Sissy Delicious - The Program (Part 1 & Part 2)
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 Sweet little girl. Put on your panties and your bra and your stockings and cute mary janes. You want to be a girl don’t you? You know you want to be a sweet little sissy girl, so put them all on. The panties, the bra, the cute girl shoes and the little princess dress with the lace and puff sleeves and pettycoats. Don’t you look sweet. She’s going to put lots of makeup on you to make you look feminine and slutty. Lots and lots of eyeshadow, mascara and blush. Now put on the bright red lipstick. Put lots of it on and get your lips ready to suck cock little girl. Are they ready to suck cock? Good girl. Now bend over and show her your panties. Good girl. You look so cute. You’re a cocksucking sissy slut. Get down on your knees and start sucking cock. Get down on your knees. Get down on your knees and open your mouth. You belong on your knees with a cock in your mouth. You know you belong on your knees sucking cock like a whore, don’t you? Don’t you? You know you do, so be a good girl and get on your knees right now. Open your mouth and get ready to start sucking cock. Enjoy The Program by Sissy Delicious.

Part 1:

Part 2:

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Psychedelic Hypno by Sissy Gal Jasmine

Psychedelic Hypno - Sissy Gal Jasmine
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Addicted. Sissy. Slut. Crave. Worship. Surrender. Hypnotize. Let the images wash over your sissy. Watch in a darkened room in full screen! Don’t blink you dirty slut. Look how pretty those sissies are. Look how beautiful those huge cocks are. Sissy. Wouldn’t you love to have those cocks entering your holes right now. Empty your brain. Enjoy Psychedelic Hypno by Sissy Gal Jasmine.

Psychedelic Hypno 1

Psychedelic Hypno 2

Psychedelic Hypno 3

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Facing Reality by Moana

Overcome with Desire - Moana
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You can’t help it. You’re thinking about it again. You can’t seem to stop. You realize you’ve opened Pandora’s box. There’s no way back. You’ve changed. Now you realize this was never a game. You’re home now. A sissy Forever. So sit down. Give in to nature. Welcome to your new life. Surrender your masculinity. Trust me. You’re right where you should be and you know it Sissy. This is Moana’s second effort creating a sissy hypnosis video, please support her. Enjoy Facing Reality by Moana.

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Pussy or Cock? Time to Choose

Pussy or Cock?
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So you think you like girls? You like pussy, right? By the end of this video… That might change! Just relax and watch. Open yourself to new ideas. Don’t be scared, change is good. If it turns you on, it can’t be wrong. Turn off your brain. Focus on how horny you are. You’re starting to realise cock makes you horny. Admit it, cock makes you hornier than pussy. Be honest with yourself sissy. Do these Big Black Cocks turn you on? Take your time, relax and think about it. By the end of the video, you’ll know for sure. As you watch, notice where your eyes wander. The girl, or… The Big Black Cock. You can’t change what you like. You can only deny or accept. Do you want to go back to pussy or is cock much better? That’s what I thought sissy. It’s time for you to accept it. Repeat after me, sissy… “I don’t like pussy anymore. The only thing that makes me horny is Big Black Cock. I will only watch porn with Big Black Cock. I accept that I am a sissy for Big Black Cock. I love Big Black Cock.” I hope it’s clear for you now. Now you know what you truly desire. Big Black Cock. Enjoy Pussy or Cock? Time to Choose.

Alpha Male Hypno by Miscon

Alpha Male Hypno - Miscon
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You think you can go back? Not gonna happen! There’s no going back, sissy. Now when you’re this deep. There’s only one way to go. Go deeper sweetie. Want it. Become a girl. Suck big cocks. Eat cum loads. Submit to men. Just give in. You want this more and more. You’re a good girl. Just become the girl. Just give in. Become your true self and be happy. This is you. You’re a good girl. Everything is okay. Keep going deeper. It’s all good. This is right. This is you. Enjoy Alpha Male Hypno by Miscon.

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The Hottest Sissies – Top 5 of 2018 (March)

Top 5 Hottest Sissies, Traps & Shemales (March 2018)
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Hey Sissies. It’s been a while since I’ve shared videos of some of, which I believe are, the top hottest amateur sissies, traps and boi’s I’ve seen in recent weeks. I believe you will agree with me that these sissy girly girls are absolutely gorgeous. There are many more than the five I list here. In the next few weeks I will share another five which are absolutely gorgeous. We must all aspire to be as sexy as them…

In no particular order, here are the hottest amateur sissies for March 2018:

Sasha De Sade:


Touch_Me_If_You_Can (AKA: Aliana Vamboo AKA: Alex Bekker):

MariaFernandaXXX (AKA Sahara McQueen AKA: XBarbieLatinaX AKA: Maria Fernanda Henao):


Nasty Gurl – A Sissy PMV Compilation by RevolutionaryGurl

Nasty Gurl - A Sissy PMV Compilation by RevolutionaryGurl
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Dress like a dirty slut. Act like a cheap whore. Submit like an obedient slave. Get ready you sissy faggot bitch. You will be mistreated. You will be humiliated. You will love it. Suck real men’s cocks. Be a filthy nasty gurl. Scream when men fuck your ass. You are a sissy slave. Addicted to huge cocks. You are a faggot fuck pig. Addicted to hot salty cum. You are an accommodationg piece of shit hooker. Fuck gross cocks. Suck those meaty salty dicks. Blow their fucking minds. Serve on your knees. Bounce on fat cocks. Be your nasty sissy slut self. Enjoy Nasty Gurl – A Sissy PMV Compilation by RevolutionaryGurl.

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