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Today I’m Giving A Fuck by Hypnocypher

Today I'm Giving A Fuck - Hypnocypher
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This is a new hypnosis video from Hypnocypher. Definitely one for you to play on repeat. Brainwash yourself. Be the girl you’ve always dreamed about becoming… ‘Brainwashing is good for you. It’s what you need. Faggot. You need dick. Horny sissy prepare your ass pussy. You crave to suck dick. Surrender to fat cock. Good girl. You’re a real female baby doll. You need fat cock faggot. Horny slut. Sissy cockwhore. Fag.’ enjoy Today I’m Giving A Fuck by Hypnocypher.

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Unleash The Slut by SlutXthree

Unlease The Slut by SlutXThree.
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Hello cum slut. You want it badly. Crawl for that hard cock. Get them hard with your sexy body. Are you ready? Suck on that cock. Use your tongue you slut. Show him how badly you need it. Feel it throb in your mouth. Let him fuck your throat. So fucking horny right now. You know what you need to do next. Let him fuck your ass like a good slut. Throbbing in your ass. Fucking your tight little hole. You can’t stand the pleasure. Ride him harder you little slut. You can’t wait for a thick load of cum. You love being used. Be a good little cum slut. And take it hard up your ass. It feels so good being a slut. Enjoy Unleash the Slut by SlutXThree.

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The Ultimate Sissy Guide – Become A True Sissy Slut by SissyHaven

The Ultimate Sissy Guide by SissyHaven
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This is the ultimate guide to becoming a true sissy slut. There are 4 steps in this video and I will briefly talk about all of them. Can you guess what all of them have in common? They pride themselves being sissies. They embrace it and love it. One day you may become a sissy like them, but it’s a long way and you will need a lot of training, and I mean a lot. This 4 step guide is going to help you achieve it. It won’t be easy but in the end you will free your inner self. The first step – Acceptance. You have to accept that you are not a man. That your tiny dick won’t ever satisfy a woman. You have to embrace who you really are. The second step – Transformation. Once you have accepted your fate you have to make changes to your body. You have to start transforming yourself, to look more feminine. The third step – Attitude. You have to learn how to behave. You want to be happy with who you are. You have to know your place. You are a slut, a bottom. You have to be proud about it, accept it and enjoy it. The fourth step – Contact. THe hardest step and the most important, you will have contact with others eventually. So you have to be prepared to serve a man. You have to understand that his needs are the only thing that matters and that his happiness is yours. Enjoy The Ultimate Sissy Guide by SissyHaven

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Sissy Hypno by WBF

Sissy Hypno by WBF
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This is a reassurance hypno video. For a complete experience follow the instructions. Sit or lay down comfortably in front of the screen. Use sound or headphones. Concentrate on the watch and follow it with your eyes constantly. Don’t look at the pictures in the background. Let them be registered directly by your subconscious. When you are prompted to do anything, DO IT. Enjoy Sissy Hypno by WBF.

Sissy Hypno 1:

Sissy Hypno 2:

Sissy Hypno 3:

Sissy Hypno 4:

Sissy Hypno 5:

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High Gurlz – A Sissy PMV Compilation by RevolutionaryGurl

High Gurlz - A Sissy PMV Compilation BY RevolutionaryGurl
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I’m daddy’s little sissy girl. Daddy owns my sissy body, mouth, ass and soul. I love being daddy’s cum whore. Daddy’s cum is my reward. I need daddy’s cum all over my tits, ass and face. I would do anything for daddy. Anything daddy wants. Daddy knows he owns me. Daddy likes me to prove it so daddy sells me on the street, on craigslist. Daddy pimps me out at seedy motels, at disgusting gloryholes, in public places, at gangbangs, sex clubs and bukkake parties where strangers do disgusting, degrading and vile things, things they record on video and share online. So the whole world knows what a shameless, little cum guzzling sissy fuck toy slut I am so I never forget that daddy owns all my needy cum greedy little fuck holes so daddy can black mail me into doing more embarassing more depraved, horrible acts. Enjoy High Gurlz – A Sissy PMV Compilation by RevolutionaryGurl.

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Winners Of The 4th Annual Sissy Hypno Awards!

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SeattleJasmine has just announced the winners of The 4th Annual Sissy Hypno Awards. After thousands of votes, here are the winners in each of their categories.

Best Sissy Hypnosis - Video - Winner

EmperorHypnos – Sissymaker 5 – Part 1


MJ Sissy – Secret Sissy

Best Sissy Hypno - Voiceover - Winner!

AmberSis – Your True Sissy Girl Destiny


EmperorHypnos – Sissy Cumdumpster Submission

Best Sissy Hypno - Video - Trance - Winner!

HypnoCypher – Psychedelic Sissy I


MistyDoll – Sissy Hypno Addiction

Best Sissy Hypnosis - Video - Creative - Winner!

97til-Infinity – Straight Reverse Hypnosis 2


AmberSis – A Day in the Life of a Sissy Slut

Best Sissy Hypno - Audio - Winner

Bambi Sleep!

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Mistress Stella – Sissy School

Click Here to Listen

Best Sissy Hypnosis - Tumblr - Winner


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Best Sissy Hypno - Misc - Winner!

Jessica Fappit

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BabeCock Memory Test

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