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Bi Confusion by Arthanos

Bi Confusion by Arthanos
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Hey sissy. How are you? Are you excited? Are you excited for cock? Yes you are! Cock turns you on. Because you are a sissy faggot. Have you sucked a big hard cock yet? Even a nice juicy dildo? I know you fantasize about it all the time. Why not make the leap from the closet to your new lifestyle. Nobody will judge you. Nobody will laugh. Being a sissy is every femboi’s right. It’s illegal for anyone to stop you from doing as you want. Its a brave new world. Homosexuality is legitimate. Dressing however you want is your right. Embrace it. This new age will see more and more white weakling sissybois turn into girly girls. It might not be legal to drink alcohol, get married or drive a car, but to change sex it is your right to become a girl whenever you want! The younger the better for society. Society needs more white sissy girls as real females becomes more masculine. So, you are doing a service for humanity. Embrace it. Do your duty. Become a slutty girly girl today. That’s what you want, isn’t it sissy? Enjoy Bi Confusion by Arthanos

Bi Confusion 1

Bi Confusion 2

Bi Confusion 3

Accept Who You Are by GeorgiaInDeep

Accept Who You Are by GeorgiaInDeep
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Stop fighting it. You want to be a girl so badly. So become one today. Buy that dildo. Buy that make up. Buy that slutty outfit and heels. This is your time to be who you really want to be. You really want to be a girl. You don’t need hypnosis. You have known you are a faggot sissy slut for a long time. You want to suck dick. You want to swallow cum. Sucking cock and having a real man slam his huge member up inside your boi pussy is the ultimate thrill for you. You know that you have become the sissy slut of your dreams when that real alpha male spurts his hot creamy load all over your tongue. Remember, no spitting sissy. You swallow it down. The more you swallow, the more feminine you will become. The first load you take will change you forever. Let that girl out, stop living in the closet. Its time. Enjoy Accept Who You Are by GeorgiaInDeep.

Accept Who You Are I (First Edition)

Accept Who You Are II (Second Edition)

Accept Who You Are III (Third Edition)

Sissy Test – Find Your Inner Sissy Slut by SissyHaven

Sissy Test - Find Your Inner Sissy Slut by SissyHaven
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So, you are here to find out if you are a sissy or not? First take your hand of your dicklet, NOW! Good. The first step of this test is simple. You are going to watch some pictures. Remember, do not touch your dicklet, we will get to that part soon. Just relax and listen to the music and focus on the pictures.

If your dicklet is hard then close this video, you are not a sissy. But if your dicklet is still limp, please continue to watch the video. Remember, no touching, yet.

If your face looks like this and your dick is hard, then you are definitely a sissy. Or you could just be gay. To find out if you are a sissy or not you will have to answer some questions.

  • The first thing you noticed in this picture were her heels?
  • Do you wish to wear a slutty outfit like this?
  • Do you want to be her?
  • Does your dicklet get hard thinking about having boobs like her and rubbing your clitty?
  • The first thing you think is how much her dress cost?
  • Do you want to go to the gym and work out to get an ass like that?
  • If you had her body and clothes, would you take a selfy as proud as she does?

If you answered yes to all the questions, it means you are a sissy.

Now that we have found out, you can now touch yourself and enjoy the rest of the video…

Enjoy Sissy Test – Find Your Inner Sissy Slut by SissyHaven

Sissy WHORE by AmberSis

Sissy Whore by AmberSis
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Sissy Whore. Cock Whore. The real girl that lives within you. All you care about is dick. You want your mind taken. You want to be transformed. Become that slut. That mindless cock whore. Anything to be that good girl. Anything to serve cock. Those are your priorities now. You want to be feminized. You want to be a good girl and you will do anthing to get there. You want to submit and have men, strange men blow their load in your mouth. You want to go on the road and suck cock. You want to give blowjobs, swallow cum, loads and loads of cum, every day. You want to be sold. Used. Fucked in the face. Well then, it shall be. Enjoy Sissy Whore by AmberSis.

Bend Over And Get On Your Knees, Sissy By AmberSis

Bend Over And Get On Your Knees Sissy by AmberSis
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Your life will never be the same again. All your masculinity has vanished. No straight guy looks for sissy porn. Admit to yourself once and for all, you want to be a girl. Its all you have ever really wanted to be. Tell it to yourself again. You seem to need reassurance. In today’s liberal society you will not be judged for being who you have always wanted to be. In fact it is encouraged. Dress up as a sissy whore, even change your entire wardrobe. Admit to your friends that you like cock, I guarantee some your girlfriends will help you to become one of them. And some of your boyfriends will let you suck their cocks. Enjoy Bend Over And Get On Your Knees, Sissy by AmberSis.

Sissies Need A Daddy – AmberSis

Sissies Need A Daddy by AmberSis
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Hi sissies. Let me take a guess about what your sex life consists of right now as you stroke that little clitty for me. Perhapse you have already toyed with a little crossdressing. A little bit of lip gloss. A little bit of slutty make up that makes you feel like the sissy whore you are. You ache to be feminized. You ache to be completely emasculated, don’t you? Perhaps you have even begun starting to toy with those sissy holes? Do you have a nice little dildo collection? A nice collection of fake cocks that you like to suck on? You like to deep throat and practice your cock sucking skills on before bending over and sticking them right in that tight little sissy pussy. I know exactly what you little sissies get up. But, you need to start going one step further for us. You see what sissies really need, what you really need in life is a daddy… Enjoy Sissies Need A Daddy by AmberSis.

U Wanna Be A Bimbo? by Sissywhoretrainer

U Wanna Be A Bimbo? From Sissywhoretrainer
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Hi little boy. Today you’ll prove to yourself your desire. Your desire to be a little bimbo. Watch her. She’s a little bitch and she loves it. Do you wanna fuck her? Or… Do you wanna be her? You don’t know what’s happening to you and it excites you. You want to wear panties. You want to feel like a slut. You see how horny she is? She wants her ass to be fucked hard. And what about you? Little sissy fag? Show men who you really are. Always make eye contact to excite the, Show them you want big hard cocks. Own… Do you like it sissy? <3 Imagine it in your hand… Let your desires take control. Learn to attract cocks with your ass. You’re turning into a real sissy whore. But.. Your transformation isn’t complete. Are you afraid? Are you nervous? No worries.. Swallowing cum is amazing. Get on your knees and suck it. Feel it becoming harder and harder in your mouth. You just wanna please it. Let him fuck your face. You feel so incredibly horny. You’re a fuck toy. Say “aaah”. That’s a good little whore. Embrace your new life… <3 Enjoy U Wanna Be A Bimbo? by Sissywhoretrainer.

Part 1

Sissy Bedtime Feminization Hypno by Jerk4life

Sissy Bedtime Feminization Hypno - Jerk4life
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Give in sissy. Watch this video in full screen with headphones on and on repeat. Repeat this over and over and over again. Brainwash yourself. Become the sissy whore you’ve dreamed of. Your mind will be taken over by thoughts of becoming a sissy whore. You want to be feminized. You want to be a feminized sissy whore who craves cock and cum. Enjoy Sissy Bedtime Feminization Hypno by Jerk4life.

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