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Complete Feminization – Sperm Will Make You A Girl by Evergreeny

Complete Feminization - Sperm Will Make You A Girl - Evergreeny
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The way how you were born doesn’t fucking matter. A boi like you can become like this and dance like her. First KISS real men. Feel the flesh of a real man. It will help you find your place. Then just let him fuck your hole. It feels so good. He’s turning you into a girl. No turning back from here. Congratulations you just entered the new world. Now you dress like a girl. You moan like a girl. Every stroke makes you more feminine. Don’t be ashamed. You are just returning to your natural status. You feel even more girly than a minute ago. Enjoy Complete Feminization – Sperm Will Make You A Girl.

Cock Hero – Shemale Starlets 8 – Sissy Cum Swallow Edition

Cock Hero - Shemale Starlets 8
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A nice surprise for a Saturday night. A new Cock Hero Shemale Starlets 8. But this has a twist. You didn’t think I’d make it easy, did you? Make sure you have a glass ready to shoot your load at the end of this 52 minute strokefest. Because you are going to swallow your load. This video will make you edge to the beat until you lose control. Ruin your orgasm into the glass. By ‘ruin your orgasm’ I mean you edge constantly until you reach the point of no return then STOP FAPPING and shoot into the glass. This will keep your libido intact and you will be more willing to swallow that cum and you want to, don’t you? Ok get your cock out and start fapping to the beat!

You have to click the play button a couple of times for it to start playing for some reason. But, it’s worth it, believe me <3

Well done honey! You’ve successfully lasted 52 minutes of edging, leaking and cumming at the end. Now, you are still super excited aren’t you? Well pick up that glass and breathe that gorgeous aroma in for in the next few minutes you will become a cumslut for life.


I Want To Make You Suck Cock by Anniewankenobi

I Want To Make You Suck Cock - Anniewankenobi
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Focus. You need it. Think how nice it would be to force a hard cock down your own throat. Cock makes your mouth water knowing  soon its going to be cum reward time. Make him cum. You will be someone’s little pet cocksucker to get that reward. The bigger his cock the wilder you’ll react. You know you want this. Every dick sucker has tasted cum. It’s the best part. Learn to love it. Anyone can do it. However, some don’t hide how horny cum makes them feel. It feels good to be bad. Subconsciously you have always wanted cum in your mouth. The old you is gone. The new you wants your mouth used like a slut’s pussy. Enjoy I Want To Make You Suck Cock by Anniewankenobi

Are You Feeling Girly?

Are You Feeling Girly?
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Are you feeling girly? Feel your soft sissy skin. Get into something lacy and tight. Do you feel your little girl cock tingling? You are a whore. Everyone is staring at the slut. So much attention. Everyone stares at your little tight ass. Men want to fuck your ass. You are in sissy ecstasy. A kitty in heat. You love making men horny. Is kitty hungry? He has what you need… COCK! You can’t resist it. You love pleasing men. You love the feeling of hard cock in your mouth. How girly. He loves it. He wants to see your little asshole. Bend over, sissy. Prepare your tight little ass pussy. Take all of him. You love being fucked in your ass pussy. Clean the cock with your mouth. Taste your ass on his cock. His cock is getting so hard from your sissy blowjob. You want his cum in your mouth. You want to taste it. You can’t wait you’re so excited. You can’t wait to swallow every drop like a good sissy slut. You’re going to cum when he does. Cum in your mouth takes you over the edge. He’s going to cum. You want a mouth full of cum. CUM! SISSY SLUT! SWALLOW! Catch it all sissy slut. Swallow it like a good sissy boi slut. Enjoy Are You Feeling Girly?

2017 World PMV Games – Hello Kitty by Leal2k

2017 World PMV Games - Hello Kitty - leal2k
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You are addicted. Sissy Hypnosis is now your life. Regular porn no longer gets you off. The thought of cock and cum rocks your world. Let your inner sissy rise to the surface. Everyone knows. So let her out. Be the sissy girly whore that you’ve always wanted. It’s time. Stop denying your true nature. You are a sissy. Say it proudly “I am a Sissy!”. Good girl. Enjoy 2017 World PMV Games – Hello Kitty by leal2k.