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How To Suck A Cock By Deep Throating A Dildo

How To Suck A Cock
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Hey girls. As you well know as a sissy slut you must learn how to suck cock the best way possible. There are many videos I have specifically chosen to help you learn. It is one of the most important things you need to do to become the best sissy slut you can be. To help you with your training here is another great video of a dirty little sissy whore sucking on a dildo and slurping up her own sperm. Enjoy…

Sissy Hypno Tube – Our New Site…

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Hi Girls. I thought I’d just let you know that for the past few weeks I have been creating a new tube site for us. Not your usual tube site mind you. A tube site dedicated to Sissy Hypnosis videos.


Slowly I have built the site and have over 3,000 Sissy Hypno videos available.

As it is my first tube site I would like your help in making it better. What do you think so far?

Please leave your thoughts in the comments below…

Sissy Hypno Tube

Love you all




Sissy Gangbang Slut – EvaSissySlut

Sissy Gangbang Slut - EvaSissySlut
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You have come a long way in your transformation to my sissy slave. I wish to reward my eager slut. You once told me your greatest fetish was… Complete submission. Let’s have some fun, my slut. Listen up slut! It is time. Time for your test. I have invited some alpha males. You are to serve them my slut. You are the only sissy at the party. Enjoy Sissy Gangbang Slut by EvaSissySlut.

A Series For Boys With Impure Thoughts – TongueFingers

Used Whores by Sertravolta
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You know you love dicks. Dicks are what turn you on. This series is full of big hard cocks just ready for you. You are really going to like this series. Sissy Hypnosis just hit up a notch. Do as the hypnosis says. Follow every instruction. Don’t deviate. You will enjoy all five videos of the series: A Series For Boys With Impure Thoughts by TongueFingers.






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