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How A Sissy Deep Throats A Dildo

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Hey girls. As well as sissy hypnosis I like to share with you knowledge to make you a better sissy. Deep throating a cock is one of the most important ways to become a better sissy. The better the technique, the better your man will love it. Watch this dirty little sissy suck her dildo. She loves it. You must love it. This is real deep throating and she rarely gags. She’s an expert. You can be an expert cock sucker too. GO and get a dildo and get sucking. Learn from this sissy slut and improve your technique. Say no to the gag reflex. Let cocks slide in and out of your throat with ease. Enjoy…

The Hottest Sissies – Top 5 of 2016 (July)

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Hey Sissies. Today I have decided to share with you something that I will do regularly, at least every few months. I am going to put up a short list of the top five most hottest amateur sissies, traps and boi’s I’ve seen in recent weeks. I believe you will agree with me that these sissy girly girls are absolutely gorgeous. We must all aspire to be as sexy as them. These might not all be from 2016, but this is the first list. Several of the girls I know you’ve seen. Each one would be perfect for my ultimately sissy brothel…

In no particular order, here are the hottest amateur sissies so far:

Karen Soffia aka mylittlesofy aka Nicol Sofia

Chloe Salpa:

Allie Page:

Kylie Boudoir:

Freshxdollts aka Karolinna aka Kamilla aka Carolina Ramirez:

Sissy Slut Sissy Desires

Sissy Slut Sissy Desires
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Your desire is to be a cock loving whore. Submit to cock. Every sissy slut’s sissy desire is to become a cock loving whore. That’s your goal in life. Suck cock. Be fucked. And swallow cum. That is all men want out of a sissy girl. So learn to love cock. Really love it. You can do it. I know you can. That’s why you are here. To learn to love cock. Enjoy Sissy Slut Sissy Desires.

Savanah Martin – Go Deeper – Sissy Hypnosis Remix by Sissy_Brian

Savanah Martin - Go Deeper - Sissy Hypnosis Remix - by Sissy_Brian
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Have you ever thought why you now think about being a girl all the time? Do you still think you are straight? You are not straight. Anyone who visits The Sissy Hypnosis Club is not straight. You are a flaming sissy fag. That’s what you are. That’s what you have become. When you stumbled upon sissy hypnosis while digging around the Internet to satisfy your addiction to pornography, you were immediately hooked. How much cum did you shoot when you first watched those sexy shemales sucking all those hard cocks? You shot a lot didn’t you, faggot. What didn’t you do back then? You didn’t lick that cum up did you? Do you lick up all your cummies now, homo? Of course you do. Because you are addicted to sissy hypnosis. My job was to turn you into a raving sissy girly girl and I’ve succeeded. How many dildo’s do you own now? How many platform sole stilletto’s do you own now? How many sexy mini dresses do you own now? Still think you are straight? Come on. Admit it, admit it to me sissy girl. Admit you are a sissy girly girl and all you think about all day, every day is hard cocks, swallowing yummie cummies and pleasuring your master. Admit it now. Say it loud, you little cum swallower, you little wannabe girly girl. Enjoy Savanah Martin – Go Deeper – Sissy Hypnosis Remix by Sissy_Brian.

MK Ultra – Welcome To The Machine by Sissy_Brian

MK Ultra - Welcome to the Machine by Sissy_Brian
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How addicted are you? If you are a regular visitor to The Sissy Hypnosis Club, then I’d say you were addicted. I have been posting sissy hypnosis videos since 2014. I know that there are over 2,000 regular visitors to The Sissy Hypnosis Club. That means over 2,000 formerly hetrosexual men have become sissy girly girls just by being hypnotised to love cock and love cum. Think back, before you became addicted to pornography, do you think your obsession would turn you into a raving sissy faggot whore? An addiction to pornography has led you to sissy hypnosis and many others have ventured forth to want to become more feminine. It is the way of the world. The more homosexuals, the less population. You are doing your bit to save the planet. Good for you sissy girl. Good for you. Enjoy MK Ultra – Welcome to the Machine by Sissy_Brian.

Numberonefan – Dreamscape Mega Hypno Series

Numberonefan - Dreamscape - Mega Hypno Series
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Did you think I would let you off lightly sissy? Time to dress up again in your sluttiest sexy outfit. Do your hair, nails, make up. Put on your slutty high heeled stilletos and get out your favorite dildo. Its time for another mega hypno series. This time from Numberonefan and her amazing Dreamscape sissy hypno trainers. This one is much longer. Over 232 minutes. Nearly 4 hours! Can you fap, goon and edge through all 14 videos without blowing your load? I know you can make it to the end, its the weekend. You have time to do this and do it right. When you make it to the end, ruin your orgasm into a glass and savor the taste of victory. Enjoy the Dreamscape Mega Hypno Series from Numberonefan.

Dreamscape I

Dreamscape II

Dreamscape III

Dreamscape IV

Dreamscape V

Dreamscape VI

Dreamscape VII

Dreamscape VIII

Dreamscape IX

Dreamscape X

Dreamscape XI

Dreamscape XII

Sissy Lips

Pure Heaven


HoldItSissy HiS #1-9 Mega Hypno Series

HoldItSissy HiS - Mega Hypno Series
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Its that time again. Time to dress up, get out your best and sexiest outfit, do your hair, your nails, your make up. Put on your stiletto heels and settle down for some fapping fun sissy girly girl. Can you handle it? Can you handle fapping and edging for over one hour and twenty minutes? I know you can handle it. If one thing I’ve taught you it is to hold out until the very last moment. Here’s the thing, what are you going to do after you have fapped and edged for over one hour and twenty minutes? You have to do it, you have been told time and again, you edge until you ruin your orgasm into a glass and then its time to swallow that sperm. Drink it up. Drink your orgasm, its yours – you made it, be the cum loving sissy slut I know you are. Do It! Do it now! Swallow that sperm, swallow it all! Enjoy HiS #1 to #9 by HoldItSissy.

HIS#1 Sissies Wanna Go Get Some


HIS#3 Darkest Desires

HIS#4 Sissy Desires

HIS#5 Monster Cocks

HIS#6 Made To Suck Cock

HIS#7 Control

HiS 7.5: The Devil Makes Us Sin


HiS#9 BBC Submissive

Chica Bomb TS 2014


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