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Kyle (Kelly’s) Trap Journey – Trapcaption

Kyle (Kelly's) Trap Journey by Trapcaption
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As a story. This is what you need to be moving forward with. It’s time you started taking your femininity seriously… Kyle headed to town in his blonde wig and stiletto heels. He worked as an escort. Under his fem name “Kelly”. It was the only way to make ends meet for Kyle. He learned to love it. He learned to love cock more than anything. Men showered him with tips when he worked at the stripclub. Rich clients paid him $500 for a good fuck. They loved his feminine face and his natural curves. He became the hottest trap in Miami. Rich clients fucked him raw. He loved feeling a cock inside him. Men loved his flat chest. He didn’t need implants to look feminine. After months of experience, he became the best escort in Miami. Men would line up just to get a quick dance. His only motive was to please men & their cocks. Nobody believed his ass was 100% natural. He grew accustomed to getting fucked daily. He loved swallowing cum every night. He loved getting his ass eaten, it felt so good. He learned not to cum until his clients came. He was extra nice to men that paid well. He let one client fuck him on his sports car. He felt so feminine, he adored rich, horny men. Kyle started taking hormones to grow breasts. His body became flawless. A year later, Kyle had enough money to last a lifetime. His rich clients gave him shopping money too. Kyle legally changed his name to Kelly. She started her new life & never looked back. Enjoy Kyle (Kelly’s) Trap Journey by trapcaption.

Shemale Cock Addiction Trainer – G4reth.

Shemale Cock Addiction Trainer by G4reth
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To really enjoy this video you will need your dildo (or something similar if you still don’t have one) and remember to do everything you are ordered. You are not a man. You are a woman. So act like the girl you are. Worship cocks. You are always so hungry for cocks. Bite your lips. Moan like a bitch. Open your mouth now. Close your eyes. Put your toy in your mouth. Wrap your lips around it. Kiss the tip. Use your tongue. You want to suck every drop of cum out of it. Whenever you see a cock you become a mindless slut. The smell is so intense. You feel so weak but you can’t stop sucking. Let her guide you down to the balls. Feel them hitting your face as she fucks your throat. Focus on her cock. You just want to satisfy her. Feel it getting harder in your mouth. That’s it baby. She’s going to cum. Stop sucking. Quick get your tongue out. Say “aaah”. Oh yeah baby. Feel the hot drops of sperm falling in your mouth. On your face. On your chest. It’s so hot and creamy. You feel so sexy covered in cum. It’s amazing. Now show her how grateful you are. Do not hesitate baby. Swallow her sperm. Till the last drop. Enjoy Shemale Cock Addiction Trainer by G4reth.

Submission Sissy Trainer

Submission Sissy Trainer by G4reth
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Hey baby. Your man is here. Get ready for a good fuck. You like to be treated like a slut, don’t you? That’s what you are. A mindless cock-addicted whore. Submit to your man. Submit to cocks. You can’t stop thinking about them. You live to pleasure men. You just want to be dominated. You want to be used. Just do as you’re told then. Now keep sucking. Let your man fuck your mouth. Just thinking about that is enough to get you wet. You can’t help it. But you want more. Well, get ready. Spread your legs and prepare your ass. You’re about to get fucked. Feel the tip pushing against your anus and then the whole cock sliding in. It’s so good. Feel it thrusting in and out. Start moving your hips to feel it deeper. You love taking it from behind. You just feel right assuming that position. For you its normal to be on all fours with a penis in your butt. Just like real girls do. And what a better way to finish a great fuck than a big load to your face? Oh yeah baby. There you go, right on your face. It’s so hot and sticky. You feel so hot with all that sperm on your face. Good girl. But now tell me you know what you just did? Allowing a man to cum all over your face? You just admitted your inferiority. You do not deserve any respect. You are just a mindless cumslut. You love to be humiliated and abused by other men. From now on you are marked. Toe everyone you are just a whore. Everyone who will want to empty his balls will cum and fuck you without even saying a word. Does it turn you on? I bet it does! Stupid bitch. Enjoy Submission Sissy Trainer from G4reth.

Asian Trap No-Touch Cumshot Compilation

Asian Trap No-Touch Cumshot Compilation
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Its time for you to be chastized. Its time for your little teenie weenie cock to be put back in its place. Sissies don’t play with their cocks, they worship alpha male’s cocks. Sissies need to wear chastity cages around their dicklets so they don’t get excited by self-play. Its time to move on from masterbation of the penis to masterbation of the prostate. Whether this is by dildo, anal penetration from an alpha male or with your own fingers. You’re not allowed to cum anymore from playing with your cock. Cum only from anal stimulation. Sissies love anal stimulation. Enjoy the Asian Trap No-Touch Cumshot Compilation.

Cumshots In Your Face!

Cumshots In Face
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As a dirty little sissy faggot, you are going to have to submit to your mistress and take a few loads of jizz upon your face. Humiliation comes in many forms, but semen covering your face is the ultimate. It proves that you have submitted to the cock. You love the cock. You love the taste and the smell of cock. But, you love the taste and smell of sperm. Enjoy multiple cumshots in your face!

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