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Cockwhore 2

Cockwhore 2 from Emperorhypnos
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Cockwhore 2! You know you want to be her. A bimbo slut ready to get beast fucked by any cute boy. Sucking dicks. Dancing. Sucking more dicks. Drooling. Double Anal. Sucking Cocks. Dancing. Triple Penetration. Airtight. Being Fucked. Dancing. Sucking Dicks. Cumming. Swallowing Cum. Dancing. Being A Slut. A Whore. A Pornstar. Be The Cockwhore you’ve always wanted. Enjoy Cockwhore 2 from Emperorhypnos.

Sissymaker 4 by Emma Nice of EmperorHypnos

Sissymaker 4 by Emma Nice from EmperorHypnos
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In three minutes you are going to know for certain that you are a sissy slut. The quality of Sissy Hypnosis videos now created makes my first effort pale into insignificance. Emma Nice from EmperorHypnos has done it once again and created a masterpiece. Just like sugar, cocaine, caffeine, vivid imagery and suggestive audio is used to stimulate parts of your brain. The effect is permanent. I have been looking at pornography for such a long time I didn’t realize what I was doing to myself. What would be the reason I would like to share my passion, my addiction, with others. Pornography is addictive. Pornography is homosexual, all of it. Focus on the penis entering the vagina, the anus, the mouth. Multiple penises in a scene. Ejaculate on the breasts, on the stomach, on the ass, on the face. What exactly is getting you off? Do you focus on the man or the woman, does the homosexual act excite you? The number of sissies around the world is growing considerably. This new generation of men are so feminine. Just look at all the cam sites. Just look at this video to see some of the most beautiful transsexual pornstars currently on offer. Several years ago, we weren’t this lucky. Society has turned the tables on humanity. Where there were strict gender lines now lies in tatters. Sissies everywhere. Gay bars and clubs are popping up everywhere and vast numbers of college age students are coming out of the closet. Promiscuity is rampant. Every stimulus is sexual in nature. Society has designed it that way. Remember you are a slave. Don’t think for yourself, be hypnotized. From television to magazine to advertising and fashion, music to movies. Its about keeping you focused within the genital chakra.

We are being hypnotized every day. Its not your fault that you are having sissy thoughts. You are now addicted. The number of sissies that have contacted me for help, for me to control their entire life would cause me to be able to open such a service to provide sissies as servants, as sex slaves to be used, while I live the life of royalty. But, isn’t that exactly what those who control our every moment do already? They hypnotize us into thinking we are free, into thinking we are in control, when they are the ones using our labor, our sexuality, our bodies for their gratification. I say, YES, I will turn all you sissies into my slaves. You will keep me in the life I am accustomed to and YOU WILL love me for it. As your queen. I will control your every move. You will worship me. You will stop wearing a man’s clothes. You will stop having a man’s thoughts. You will start to wear pretty dresses, wear make up, grow your hair long and flowing, wear high heels, and have the thoughts of a sissy bimbo whore. You know it’s all you want now. All this sexual stimulation has turned you into a dirty faggot sissy slut. You love it. You want it more than anything in the world. I am going to give it to you. But, what are you going to give me? I want your soul. Give it to me and I will make your every dream, your every wish, my command. Worship me sissy! Enjoy Sissymaker 4 by Emma Nice from EmperorHypnos.

5 Sissy Steps

5 Sissy Steps from Pandorasissy
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Every Step Will Bring You Closer. It Is Too Late Now Sissy. Repeat After Me: I Am Ready.

Step 1: Acceptance: Focus. I Need to free my mind. Accept this is who I am. Accept I was born a cocksucker. COCKSUCKER. Accept Sissy. I love sissy life. I want it. I Can’t control. I won’t change. This is my Faith. This is my Destiny. This is my Choice. This is my Life. Accept. This Is Not A Fantasy But A Lifestyle. Accept Sissy. Sissy Life Forever. Sissy Life Forever. Taste His Cock Now. I want this. I can’t. I won’t go back. Accept Sissy. I Can’t Stop. I can’t stop. I can’t stop jerking to cocks. I am a sissy. Accept Sissy. I Accept My Role. Accept Sissy. I Love Sissy Life. Resissting Is Useless. Give In Now. Suck Cock. I accept my role. I love cock therefore I am a sissy. I accept it. Accept Your Destiny. I love sucking cock. I Accept my role. I was born this way. Sissy. I love being a sissy slut. Suck cock. I didn’t choose this I needed it. I was born this way. This is my destiny. I am a happy SISSY. I love sucking cock. Everyone already knows. Easier to accept it. I accept my role. They Can See What I Am. A Sissy Cocksucker. Hypnosis was the gateway I needed. Now I know where I belong. Accept. Accept. Sissy. I accept my role. Now I need to be more feminine.

Step 2: Femininity: Focus. I am NOT a MAN. I am a SISSY GIRL. Feminine. Walk like a girl. Talk like a girl. Think like a girl. Suck like a whore. Fuck like a whore. Dress like a whore. Feminine. Men want dumb sissy bimbos. BIMBO. That they can Use and Abuse. I am a sissy girl. Feminine. I love cock ike a nympho. Be that one night stand girl. I will not be shy because sluts are not shy. Feminine. I am a girl. I have a sissy pussy. I love sucking cock like a slut. Girl. If I look more girly I will get all the cocks. I am a girl. I am a weak helpless girl. Tease Him. I am weak. Weak for girly things. Pink is my favorite color. I am becoming more girly every day. Feminine. Nothing can stopy my feminization. I want to be a good slut. Cocksucker. Feminine. This is my destiny. Being a sissy girl feels so fucking good. This is my destiny. I am a girl. Cocksucker. I love it. Sissy. Everyone knows. Sissy. They can see it. Feminine. Take cock sissy. It’s not my secret anymore. Feminine. I was born a girl. This is my fucking destiny. COCK. I am a GIRL. I am a GIRL. I am a GIRL. I Am A Girl. I am a GIRL Forever. Cocksucker. I love the girly lifestyle. I love makeup. I love high heels. I love Sexy Dresses. I love long hair. I love lingerie. I love COCK. I accept life as a GIRL. Girls can take a pounding. I can take a pounding. Feminine. I AM SUCH A SLUT. Sissy. PINK is my favorite color. My favorite game is dress up. I accept my destiny. I’ve never been one of the boys. Feminine. I accept my role now. I need cock. Ready for cock.

STEP 3: Orientation: Focus. I don’t want girls. I don’t want boys. I need men. COCK. Big Strong Real Men. Men with huge cocks turn me ON. Real Men. I need cocks shoved up my ass. NOW. I don’t care about pussy or tits. Cocks only. GAY. It feels so good. Ride it. SISSY FAGGOT. Force it deep. FAGGOT. Fuck Me Hard. Getting Fucked Feels so good. SISSY. If You See Me Checking Out A Girl It Is Only Because I Want Her Outfit. GAY. Or Her Boyfriend. Or Her Body. I Am Obsessed With Cocks So I Must Like Men. I am obsessed with COCKS. Long Thick Hard Cocks. I wanna Take Cock Like A Good Sissy Slut. SISSIES TAKE COCK. It feels so good. FAGGOT. GAY. I AM A SISSY FAGGOT. I am a sissy Slut craving cock. FAGGOT. FAGGOT. Big Dicks Make Sissy Clit Wet. DEEPER. They Look So Tasty. DEEPER. Please give it to me. Faggot. It feels so good. GAY. Anything for cock. FAGGOT. I can’t deny I love cock. I need CUM. CUM. I Need Cum In My Ass. GAY. Cum On Me. All Over My Face. I Swallow All Over My Face. CUM. Delicious Cum. CUM. Every Last Drop SISSY FAGGOT LOVE CUM. It Tastes So Good To A Sissy. I promise to not waste it. SISSY. It tastes so good. It Feels so good. Cum is the gateway drug that turns me into a SISSY SLUT. No doubt I need all that cum. GAY. I am a thirsty slut for cum. I accept my role. Now I need to submit.

STEP 4: Inferiority: FAGGOT. I deserve this life. Being a cum dumpster for real men. SISSY SLAVE. To be their sissy sex toy. COCK. They Are Superior to sissy sluts like myself in every single way. Treat them like gods on earth. EAT CUM SISSY. I Don’t Spit I always Finish why? Because Good Sissy Fucktoys Don’t Waste Precious CUM no matter what we swallow I am a piece of meat for all the REAL MEN to use. I deserve this life now and FOREVER. SISSY SLAVE. SISSY. I know that men LOVE sissy SLAVES they can ABUSE like myself they love to USE, ABUSE us like their sex toys. SISSY SLAVE. I Don’t Care If They Use Me That’s The Only Thing I Am Good For. I deserve this life. FAGGOT. Fill me up with CUM. It is my purpose. CUM Inside My Tight SISSY PUSSY it feels AMAZING every time. SLAVE FOR REAL MEN. They are so big and strong if I tried to resist they could easily force me to anything and everything they wanted. I can’t STOP them I WON’T. FEELS SO GOOD. I am no challenge for REAL MEN. SISSY. I deserve this life. Now I can’t stop I am Addicted.

STEP 5: ADDICTION: FOCUS. I need more cock. I want cum on my face and ass. It’s never enough for me. I NEED IT. I love it. There is no CURE. I Can’t Get Enough It’s My Drug. Cock is LIFE. A real sissy is ready anytime, anywhere. I am ready anytime, anywhere. I only use the word no if he asks have you had ENOUGH. I Never get enough of COCK. I love sucking on his ballswhile making my way up to his cock. Then tease him with my body. SISSY. My life goal is to please. I NEED IT. Deepthroating is my hobby. Using My Throat as his fleshlight gives me satisfaction and a feeling of achieving what every sissy should have as their goal. WORSHIP. WORSHIP. I need cock. After Experienced being the giirl in the bedroom I reached THE POINT OF NO RETURN. I ONLY want Pussy If it’s filled with CUM. Pussies don’t turn me on. Cock Makes my SISSY CLIT WET. COCK makes my sissy clit hard. I want cock. The only time I want to see pussy is when it has been filled up with cum. CUM. My addiction is free and makes men happy. FAGGOT. They can use it against me because I NEED it every day EVERY DAY. EVERY DAY. I need more cock EVERY DAY. EVERY DAY. No exceptions. I don’t want pussy except when filled with CUM. I need Cum. I only want girl friends so they can hep me with my makeup. I need more cock and I will do anything to get it. SISSY. I want MORE and MORE and MORE and MORE and MORE it never STOPS there is NO CURE that can SAVE ME. CUM SLAVE. I want to overdose on CUM. I want to feel it covering my entire body. I love how cum feels. Cock makes my brain stop, my eyes glaze, my heart pount, my mouth water, my clit wet, my legs weak, this is proof that I am a sissy desperately needing cocks in my life forever. SUCK COCK. I NEED CUM. I tried stopping. I tried telling them no. I promised myself I would stop. I CAN’T STOP. I Think About COCK ALL DAY. I Would Only Have A Girlfriend so that a real man could Fuck her and I could lick up his cum afterwards. A good girlfriend would have me as her cuckold sissy slave and make me suck off real men while she encouraged me to please their big dicks as a good cuckold sissy. SISSY. I need more COCK. SLAVE. FAGGOT. GAY. Nothing can stop my urge to suck COCK and swallow CUM every attempt to remove these fantasies have FAILED. I greet my addiction with open mouth. I accept my faith and pursue my destiny as the sissy whore I AM. SISSY SLAVE. I need more COCK every step has led me closer to my destiny. I am never going to RESIST AGAIN.