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Sissy Clitty Trainer (Learn About Sluts)

Sissy Clitty Trainer (Learn About Sluts) by Cheesyshoe
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Have you ever wondered what a sissy is? Sissies are just like girls. They have long hair, sexy smooth legs and beautiful bodies. But sissies have a penis. Sissies usually have a very small penis and it’s usually useless. Here is an example of a small penis. Notice how the sissy looks just like a pretty girl. Here’s another example. Look at her smooth skin. Her penis is useless. Here is a picture of a sissy before she became a girl, notice all the hair on her ass. Now she is a sissy. Notice the difference? She has a smooth sexy, slippery body. She looks just like a lady. Notice her penis hangs down between her legs. Some sissies decorate their penises make them look pretty. Look at this sissy, she used jewelry to make her penis cute. Here is a sissy who used a bow. Look at this girl, wow, she really looks pretty. A real man’s penis looks like this. These are pictures of straight men’s penises. They posted them on the internet for girls to look at. It’s big and heavy and they are used for sex with a real girl. You need to stop thinking about sucking them. If you’re hard, that means you’re a faggot. Notice how they are long and thick. Notice how these men are bigger than you. Do you see their muscles. Look at this man, he looks very strong. Remember, real men only want to fuck girls. But, sissies are just like girls too. You are probably already think of those real men inside of you. Filling your tight little sissy pussy with cum. Their penises are much bigger than yours. You are just a sissy slut. Sissies are not real girls, but they like dick, just like real girls. Sissies take the penis in the anus. Their sissy penises are useless. It just hangs there while they take it in the ass. Do you like cock? Watch how these sissies suck penis. You can tell they like it because they do not stop. They love cock. Now it’s your turn to love your penis. Wow, your dick is so tiny. Come on, spit on that tiny sissy dick. Lube up that dick with your spit. Look at how sexy these girls are. Are you sexy too? Come on, jerk that tiny dick. Look at those penises. If you have a tight asshole, you won’t for long. I bet you are thinking about real men’s penis. Its so big it’s going into your sissy pussy, your sissy pussy is your anus. Enjoy Sissy Clitty Trainer (Learn About Sluts) by Cheesyshoe

And Then It Was Done…

And When It Was Done from Kinkysmurf
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I have something for you. That’s right, its all for you. It’s time you started getting a little bit of training. Do you like big black dick? You can’t help but be turned on by big black piece of meat. You are turned on by big black cocks. You want it so bad. You love to suck it for me don’t you. Just for you whore, just suck it. You are so inadequate. Your cock is so small. You are a sissy. You are nothing in comparison to this huge black dick. Open up wide. Take it all in. You dirty little cock sucker. You can’t resist this huge black dick. You want to suck it. You would love to have a couple more of these right in your face. You are going to be a great little cock sucker at the party. Sissy. Suck it. That’s right, suck it. Learn to deep throat it. Obey. Just submit to it. Submit to big black dick. Suck it. Its what you want. I know it’s what you want. Admit it. Submit to it. You love cock. You don’t love pussy. You are a sissy slut. Enjoy And When It Was Done by Kinkysmurf.

Sissy Desires

Sissy Desires by HoldItSissy
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You will need: Panties. Dildo & Lube… Put on your favorite panties sissy. It’s play time. Are you jerking your clitty yet? Rub it nice and slow in your panties. Imagine yourself in her place. Feel your desire building. Rub a little faster now. Imagine feeling his bulge. You want this. You need some Sissy Friends. Peel off those panties now. Lick that cock, slut. Get it all Wet and Sloppy. Ram it down your throat. Just like a good sissy slut. Sissies love cock. Keep jerking while you suck. Perfect those cock sucking skills. You are doing such a good job sissy. You were born for this. Jerk that clitty, whore. Slap your mouth with that cock. Ready for the next step? Lube it up now. Start fucking your boi cunt. Ride that cock sissy. Feels so good doesn’t it? Tell me what a sissy you are. “I Am A Sissy Cock Whore!” You love cock in your boi pussy. You wish you had a real cock fucking your boi cunt right now. You want all your holes filled with cock. Get ready I’m going to let you cum. When you cum, get it in your hand. As a sissy, you will eat your cum. So blow that load, slut. It’s not a real man’s cum. But sissies eat what they can get. CUM YOU SISSY BITCH! Yummy Cum! You Love The Taste Of Cum. You Are Such A Good Sissy. You Are Ready For Real Cock. You Need To Get Out There And Find One! So You Can Get A Real Man’s Cum! But until that time sissy… You will have to feed yourself, slut! Enjoy Sissy Desires by HoldItSissy.

Submissive Desire

Submissive Desire by Loltraps
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Dirty sissy bimbo whore. You want to be dominated. Work it bitch. You know you want to be tied up. You want to serve your mistress. Sexy horny sissy slut. You want to be restrained. You want to be used. You want to be picked. Make yourself pretty. You know you want it. Wear chastity. You want to be used by many cute boys. You want to suck their dicks. You want to be fucked. You have been a bad sissy whore. You want to swallow their jizz. Open your mouth slut. Swallow it all. You know you want it. Enjoy Submissive Desire by Loltraps.

Cum Trainer

Cum Trainer from Loltraps
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You like cum. So horny aren’t you. Strke your cock. Produce fresh semen. Stroke yourself over and over again. You love cum. You like the idea of tasting your jizz. The taste on your tongue. Every time you masterbate. You feel the need to devour every last drop. You are so horny stroking your cock. You are wanting so much to devour your own cum. You love your cum. Stroke it harder. Stroke it faster. The cum in your balls. Every stroke is closer to the inevitable. Stroking harder and faster. YOu want cum don’t you. Stroke it. Cum. Cum now. Its spreading out warm salty on your fingers, it tastes so sweet. Your brain will make it taste sweet. You’ll lick up every last drop off a plate or from a glass. Eat it. Enjoy Cum Trainer by Loltraps.

TransTrance 4

TransTrance 4 by Jizzelle
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Yes, I am. I can’t help myself. I must masterbate. Touching myself feels wonderful. I do it all the time. It gets so hard it hurts. Isn’t it pretty? This feels good. No. I can never resist. I’m having a hard time breathing. This is so thrilling. Please take control of me. I like to be smooth, too. Touch me, please. Yes, touch me like that. Skin so soft, so whitl. I want to be like that.. I want to be a girl… Lips so full, so red. I want to submit. Bend me over. Make me your sissy sex slave. I will do whatever you tell me to. It’s so beautiful. I have a round, girly ass… Cheeks so plump… I am crazy with desire I submit. I am begging for it… It excites me so much… I am a slut. I Submit. I will do anything… I am a sissy slut… I want to be a sex object too. I want men to want me. I want to be like you. I am ready to explode. I am crazed with lust. Just let me touch myself. Please let me cum… I will do anything you wish. I want to be a complete whore. I am ready. I am ready to be transformed. Ready to be your slave. Take me. Ready for you. Use me. Make me your toy. I will do all you say. I will submit. I will submit. Worship Me. With Pleasure. You are Divine. It would fulfill my deepest desire. Take me. That feels wonderful. I love cock… I am powerless. It looks delicious. I want it… I want it… Fuck, it feels so good. I must masterbate. I can’t stop… I can’t stand it… Its unbearable… So desperately good… You have complete control. You control my mind. You control my body. You control my soul. I am nothing. Enjoy TransTrance 4 by Jizzelle.

Slut Hypnosis 2 – Pound The Alarm

Slut Hypnosis 2 by Mcrsucker
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Give a man what he wants. Be a slut take his dick. Get him off and make him cum. Take loads of cum in your mouth. Make him jizz on your face. Cum tastes delicious. Let him use you and make you his bitch. It feels good to make him moan. Do hit how he likes. Suck Dick. Swallow Cum. Give him some relief. Make Him Cum. You love being a slut. His dick feels so good. This is what he wants. Service him. Swallow his hot cum. Be his cum slut. Take that load down your throat. Be his little fuck slut. This is what he needs. Let him use you to get off. Slut Hypnosis 2 by Mcrsucker.

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