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Sissy Obsession 5: Demonic Edition

Sissy Obsession 5 by Lalelilolu88
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Your subconscious mind will be taken over on All Hallows Eve. I have some rules just for you my little sissy. Now listen and pay attention. Rule number one: Obey and follow my instructions. Rule number two: Be submissive. Rule number three: Text in pink is your color. Wow. I love her shoes. Rule number four: Cocks make you lustful. Rule number five: This one is very important – Become the girl you see. Enjoy Sissy Obsession 5: Demonic Edition from Lalelilolu88.

Sissy Goes Full Gay For Two Black Cocks

Sissy Goes Full Gay For Two Black Cocks
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You pluck up the courage to go outside dressed in your sexiest outfit, wearing your prettiest make up, sexiest shoes and long blonde wig… You are immediately pounced upon by two big bulging black guys who kidnap you to their home. You’ve never been so excited… Suck suck suck… Fuck fuck fuck… how about two cocks up your butt… you can’t wait to swallow their loads… You horny sissy slut… so horny… so sexy… swallow that cum you dirty little faggot whore… Enjoy Sissy Goes Full Gay For Two Black Cocks

Total Cum Devotion

Total Cum Devotion by Jlodalisque
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Your hunger for brought you here. You needed a snack… And so you headed to your favorite place… The Gloryhole! You can such as much cock as you want here… Men line up around the block. Waiting to fill your mouth… It’s time to get your cum fix. It’s time to satisfy your hunger… It’s time to get on your knees. It’s time to SUCK, FEED, TASTE, SWALLOW! How much cum will you eat? How much cum do you need? Just keep sucking… Just keep tasting… Each load you swallow just makes you want more… You don’t know if you can stop… It just feels so good… Pulsing cocks flooding your mouth. Thick cum covering your tongue. Cock after cock sliding into your mouth… Each one squirting warm cum into you… Could you even stop if you wanted to? NO! You won’t stop sucking cock. You haven’t had enough cum. You need more cum. You DESERVE more cum. YOU WILL FEED ON CUM! Enjoy Total Cum Devotion by Jlodalisque.


Cocklust by Emperorhypnos
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Cocklust. Its what you have right now. Submit. Give in. Worship. Surrender. Serve cock. You are a dirty little sissy faggot bitch. Serve. Obey. Submit. Submissive slut. Serve Cock. Do It. Serve Cock. Do it. Give in. Worship. Submit. Serve. Serve cock. Worship cock. Sucking cock is all you are good for sissy slut whore. Give in. Submit. Submit. Submit. Serve. Obey. Submit to cock. Give in. Give in. Cock lust. Serve cock. Give in. Submit to it. Enjoy Cocklust by Emperorhypnos.

Sissysonics 3 – Hard Candy

Sissy Hypno Vortex 5
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Are you thinking about that cock in your mouth? Are you thinking about the cum oozing out of your tight little hole as well? Imagine your holes full of cum. Just a perfect little slut for me aren’t you? Back again? Fascinated by sexy sissy cam sluts? You’re straight. Just curious. Just wondering. But they know how hard you get, watching them stroke. So pretty, so feminine, so sexy, so tempting, so hard, just like you. All those pretty cam whore sissies, they are so turned on so achingly hard and so very eager to please. They want to see, they want you to hear, they want you to join them – to be entranced – to be transformed – to be addicted – Made to crave hard cock – Made to crave hot cum – Made to be pretty, sexy and feminine. Made to be compliant, willing and eager – a cock sucking sissy – that will cum on command – A SISSY HYPNO SLAVE! Enjoy Sissysonics 3 Hard Candy by Numberonefan.

Sissysonics 2

Sissysonics 2 by Numberonefan
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Relax. Breathe. Focus. Listen. Watch. Obey. There you are. You wonder why you’re here kneeling on the floor in front of me in this little hotel room? Well its all about dick sweetie, and how you’re going to suck it. In a matter of minutes the first guy is going to come in, nice and hard and ready to be sucked, then he’s going to cum on your face. Come on sweetie, get undressed. That’s it, strip off all those sissy clothes of yours and then go ahead start stroking that little thing you call a penis between your legs. Enjoy Sissysonics 2 from Numberonefan.

Sissy Life 1

Sissy Life 1 by Gynodrome
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Welcome to your new life. Do your make up and your hair. Grow your breasts. SISSY. Forget who you were. You are a girl. No more cares. No one cares. You are property. Your only job is to suck cock. Deep throat. Shut up bitch. You are nothing but a CUMWHORE. Don’t say a fucking word. You will be fucked daily. Get used to it. You will be pimped out because you are a FUCK DOLL FOR RENT. Available 24/7. When you are not being used you do housework and make yourself pretty. You shall be pretty at ALL TIMES. You hope to be chosen FOR USE. You are property. You are a girl. No one cares. You are nothing but a slave. Your penis is gone. Your mouth stays open. Don’t say a fucking word. No thoughts. WELCOME TO YOUR NEW LIFE – SISSY! Enjoy Sissy Life 1 from Gynodrome.

Sissy Subliminal Trainer

Sissy Subliminal Trainer by Loltraps
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Don’t you feel sexy, you horny sissy slut, on your deep throating that big hard dick. Dressed up in your sexy dress wearing those high heels, wearing that pretty make up and feeling all girly. You’ve wanted this for such a long time, haven’t you? You’ve wanted to suck a cock, get fucked hard and swallow semen, haven’t you bitch girl? You’ve wanted this all your life haven’t you, dirty sissy slut? All you think about is big hard cock all day, every day. You want to wants to remain a girly girl forever. Become the girly girl you’ve always wanted. Watch Sissy Subliminal Trainer by Loltraps.

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