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Crave Cock – Pzeon

Crave Cock - Pzeon
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Get your pretty lips ready. Whores dress up for cock. Getting ready for cock. You are such a dirty whore. Wrap your mouth around it. Unwrap your gift you little whore. You love cock. You want cum. Crave Cock. You adore cock. You love sucking cock. Cock makes you happy. Cock whore. Love. Cock. You love cock. You want to be used. You adore cock. Cock whore. I love cock in my mouth. Good girls swallow cock. You want Cum. Cock is so beautiful. Crave Cock from Pzeon.

White Cumslut Training – Emperor Hypnos

White Cumslut Training - Emperor Hypnos
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Tell me what you want sissy slut? Like I cannot guess! You want hot creamy sperm running down your throat, don’t you? I know you want it. Its time to go and get it. Its easy. Jump on Craigslist and say ‘Thirsty sissy cum slut will swallow for tips’ and enter your telephone number. That’s it. You wanted to drink cum straight from the cock. Now you can. Its easy. Do it! Do it now! This is White Cumslut Training from Emma Nice of Emperor Hypnos.

Asian Shemale Gang Bang – Allenina

Asian Shemale Gang Bang - Allenina
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What do you want to do Saturday? Do you want to get a bunch of boyfriends together and have a gangbang? Maybe you can make a porno video and sell it for big bucks, enough to buy some new titties? Remember to dress as a sexy sissy slut and to suck your hot boyfriends cocks.  Lick their balls. Let them penetrate your boy pussy in every position possible. One cock in your ass pussy and one in your mouth. Its not enough is it sissy? You want TWO cocks in your ass pussy don’t you? Doesn’t it feel great? Sucking cock and getting fucked, that’s all you want to do, isn’t it? TWO cocks in your mouth and one in your boy cunt? That’s also great for you isn’t it? Lay there looking up at those circle jerking cocks. Watch out sissy, stick your tongue out! Here’s your prize. Gobs of hot, gooey sperm. Swallow it down now honey. That’s a good sissy slut. There’s a lot you can learn from Allenina and her first double anal in her video Asian Shemale Gang Bang.

Sissy Cocksucker – Emperor Hypnos

Sissy Cocksucker - Emperor Hypnos
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It is time for a reality check. You cannot run and hide from this anymore. See, there are so many of you dirty little sissy sluts. Saying Oh, I want to suck dick. You can’t bring yourself to do it. Its time to come out of the closet and suck that dick. People are doing it everywhere. Its normal to be a cocksucker and just choke on big cock. You know you want it. You know what you dream about. You know that you want it. This trying to deny that you don’t want it only makes it worse. Take it to the next level. You don’t have to be embarassed about it anymore. Its fine that you want to suck dick. You want to be a cocksucking whore and that’s alright. That is alright. You know you love feeling hot meat in your mouth. You know you want it and you’re gonna have it. Today is the first day of your life as a dick sucking sissy. You can’t fight it anymore. Come out of the closet and suck that dick. Its the real you. You can’t get it out of your head. I know you really want to suck dick. Its time to suck real cock and choke on it. Its the real you. Say it, you want to be a big cock loving fag whore. That’s what I like to hear. Sissy Cocksucker trainer from Emma Nice of Emperor Hypnos.

Born This Way – Annamalice

Born This Way - Anna Malice - Sissy Self Hypnosis
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You want this. Do not resist. Believe. Listen. Watch. Obey. Don’t hide yourself in regret. Be a different lover is not a sin. You were born this way. You want this. Obey. Do not resist. Listen. It is your destiny. Watch. Surrender. Lose Control. God makes no mistakes. Watch. You Are A Sissy. You were born this way. Blieve. Watch. Obey. Listen. Born to serve. A natural cocksucker. You were born to be a cockstar. Enslaved and fully abused. You want this. Enjoy your own nature. Born this way. Born to be a sissy. Be a sissy. Be a cocksucker. Be a cockstar. Enjoy Born This Way from Annamalice from Anna Malice Sissy Self Hypnosis.

Miss Cassie Britney Spears Cum Trainer #3

Britney Spears Cum Trainer #3 - Miss Cassie
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For the full effect, watch this video with: a shot of cum in your mouth, your favorite dildo in your ass, headphones on and the volume up high. Say hello to your new life. This video is going to reprogram you. So get yourself ready to start craving a threesome. The thought of being taken by two hot young studs with thick hard cocks will make you cum. And when it does, but not before, you can swallow your mouthful. Follow the girls dance moves and in your mind you can dance along. And if you don’t cum on this viewing, just hit play again. Enjoy Miss Cassie’s Britney Spears Cum trainer #3

Sissies Wanna Go Get Some – HoldItSissy

Sissies Wanna Go Get Some - Holditsissy
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Put on your sexiest panties now sissy. It’s time to learn how to be a slut. You are already excited, aren’t you? Yes. You are. Because you are a cock loving sissy slut. You are so horny. Your sissy clit is growing. It’s OK. Play with your boy clitty in those panties. You slut. Slowly peel them off your ass and play with your boy pussy for me. Sissies love to serve. Get ready. Obey your master. Give him a show with his other sissies. Show off your sissy body for him. Show him how excited your boi clitty is for him.

It’s time. Get yourself ready sissy. Drop to your knees and suck his dick. Sissies love sucking cock. You will always suck cock when a man wants you. Sucking cock is rewarding. Cock is yummy. Your boy pussy belongs to him. You can’t wait for what comes next. You will learn to love being violated. Your boi-cunt will be fucked repeatedly. Men will take turns having you. You can’t control your sissy nature. You need cock. You will share master with his other sissies. Soon you will love the taste of your boi-pussy. You will ride cock any time, any place. You love hard cock in your boi-cunt. You will be showered with cum. Open wide. You cannot get enough cum. Lick up every drop. Sissies Wanna Go Get Some from Holditsissy. Enjoy xxx


Black Owned Sissy Trainer – Emperor Hypnos

Black Owned Sissy Trainer - Emperor Hypnos
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Do It! You can’t stop yourself from acting like a nasty, teasing, cheap, trashy little sissy whore when you are near black men. Black men know how to treat you. They just take you and make you their bitch. You love to be the bitch. White boys go fem and be used and abused by black alpha males. Humiliate and degrade yourself for their sexual pleasure. Watch this daily and remember to act like a nasty, teasing, cheap, trashy little sissy whore when you are near black men. This is Black Owned Sissy Trainer by Emma Nice of Emperor Hypnos. Enjoy xxx

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