Winners Of The 5th Annual Sissy Hypno Awards!

Winners Of The 5th Annual Sissy Hypno Awards!

SeattleJasmine has just announced the winners of The 5th Annual Sissy Hypno Awards. After thousands of votes, here are the winners in each of their categories. Commets from SeattleJasmine.


Leyendecker: Sissy Perfect Trainer

Absolutely incredible! The video game and “level up” themes are so fun and playful. An instant classic!


AmberSis: Acceptance

AmberSis is legendary at this point. I appreciate each of her videos like an art connoisseur does to masterpieces and this one is no exception. Accept yourself! FUCK that’s hot.


Bambi Sleep

Nothing else has raised so much passion in the audio hypnosis category and for good reason. If you want a real mindfuck, this is what you turn on… in fact, I’ll see you girls in a little bit.

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Mistress Stella

The Queen of sissies. You love her captions and you love her audio files even more. Congrats Mistress!

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A great up and coming subreddit! Go check them out and also check out /r/Sissyperfection

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The Feminization Station

Outstanding resource for us that’s been around for years. I love going here to see what new perversions they’ve come up with. Consistent and delightful.

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I recently read that someone had been into sissy hypnos for years but they had only just discovered Hypnotube. Like what??? As many of you know, this is an INDISPENSABLE resource for us insatiable sluts!

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Sissy Hypnosis Club

I LOOOOVE this site! Our own /u/brandylittle runs this joint and it’s been a beacon of sissy hypno excellence for years. She highlights new videos with her own commentary and incorporates ratings which makes it so easy to find the content we want.

You are already here! Thank you to all who voted for me!

Congrats to all the winners!!! For those who didn’t make the nominee list this year, please know that though we try to be as comprehensive as possible – it’s difficult to keep track of all the videos released this last year. It’s also very very subjective!

Again, thanks to /u/brandylittle for helping so much this year. Have a great week, bitches!



Sissy Perfect Trainer by Leyendecker

Sissy Perfect Trainer by Leyendecker


Dress up in your sissy slutwear. Pretty makeup makes pretty fembois. Show off your figure. Shave yourself smooth. Present your best assets. Public exposure. Feminine Piercings. Hypno therapy. Posture correction. Anal stretching. Orgasm control. Verbal abuse. Breast augmentation. Coerced prostitution. Bimbo training. Webcam solicitation. Chastity control. Degradation management. Forced anal orgasm. Escort Etiquette. Learned Helplessness. Feminine tattoos. Buttplug Dilation. Hormone Therapy. Mind rewiring. Lock away your clitty. Stuff your fuck hole. Stretch yourself wider. Sissies have no shame. Perfect. Fuck yourself harder. Learn to love abuse. Train until it hurts. Crave the taste of cock. Submit to your superiors. Ride dick like its your job. Get used by random men. Exist for their abuse. Perfect. Surrender to black cock. Perfect. Fulfill your fantasy. Always for sale. Whore. Slut. Bimbo. Hooker. Don’t think. Do as you’re told. Love to be degraded. Bimbo fuckdolls take big dicks. Please cock. Whore. Slut. Bimbo. Hooker. Pathetic. Sissy. Cumdumpster. Sissies deserve gangbangs. Learn to love the pain. Please multiple men. Rape makes you happy. Congratulations! You’re a sissy fuckslut. Time to claim your prize! Game Over… Enjoy Sissy Perfect Trainer by Leyendecker (I am thinking this is a contender for best Sissy Hypnosis 2019! What do you think? (said November 6, 2018) – I was right lol! (said April 21, 2019)

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The Hole Of Glory by Sissy Gal Jasmine

The Hole Of Glory by Sissy Gal Jasmine

Well my dirty little slut today we are going to step things up for your little cocksucking ass. Now I know I’ve gotten you to jerk your dick a lot to these gay porn videos where you see these hot big dicks just waiting to be sucked and just looking for a hole to fuck. But, today you are actually really going to become the true cocksucking whore that you know yourself to be. You know you love to suck the dick. And so today in this dirty disgusting adult video store you are going to suck off as many anonymous cocks as I tell you to. You are going to shove them down your throat and any second there is going to be some stud who is going to come to this gloryhole right here and he’s going to expect a blowjob and you are going to do it. You are going to suck his fucking dick. You are going to suck it until he sprays his disgusting load all over your face and then the next guy is going to come in and you are going to suck him off too. And the next guy, the next guy and the next guy until you think you just can’t suck any more dick. Enjoy The Hole Of Glory by Sissy Gal Jasmine.

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Welcome Home My Sissy Girl by Mortus Girls

Welcome Home My Sissy Girl by Mortus Girls

Welcome sissy. Do you mind if I call you girl? Don’t answer I know why you are here. Fear. Desire. Submission. You don’t need to understand it. It’s very simple. Real men don’t need to watch these videos. I’m glad we found your goal. Good girl. If you’re honest with me we will achieve a lot. Open yourself up to it. Show me your true nature. Good girl. Your training starts now. Tell me, honestly what do you think about when you jerk off? Are you thinking about a girl who’s pleasuring someone’s cock? Or do you think about the cock she’ll be pleasuring? It’s such a weird question, isn’t it? But the answer is the only one here… It will help us to understand how far you have gone. Sooner or later you will realize that there is no difference anymore and all is pretty clear I can see how much you want it. Your poor body can’t wait any longer. You know what you need. You know you can have it and you now exactly what you have to do no matter how you torture yourself trying not to think about it. The desire to touch this guilty pleasure will become only stronger. It amuses me so much when you deny it when all you do is think about cock and jerk your clit off. Enjoy Welcome Home My Sissy Girl by Mortus Girls.

Sissy Challenge Pimped Out by Slutty-Sissy-Kitty

Sissy Challenge Pimped Out by Slutty-Sissy-Kitty

Do you think you have the depraved mindset? Will you do anything eagerly? Someone else will reap the rewards. Can you be a little fairy for strange men all night? Can you prove it that you are a worthwile fuckmeat for your pimp daddy? Do you want to serve sleazy, vile bastards? Here is your task, sissy whore… Always follow the rules of your pimp. He knows what is best for you and how to make you a good whore. Let him train you, whore. You want to be a top-seller. He owns you now. He can do anything to you. The training can be hard and painful depending on your will to be degraded. Accept where dirty sissy whores belong. When your training is finished you can’t wait for your first customers. On the streets. At truck stops. In hotels. You are no available to all and any men. You only think about how to please men and how to make more money for daddy. You are a toy that men enjoy using. You make sure they have the time of their lives. You ask nasty, mean men to use you… To violate your body. You make them feel good so they come back again and again. Enjoy Sissy Challenge Pimped Out by Slutty-Sissy-Kitty.

Sissy Slut Popper Hypno by Mesmerism

Sissy Slut Popper Hypno by Mesmerism

Hello Sissy slut. Get ready. Dress up in your most sexy outfits. Go out sexy and look for your man. Go down on your man. Suck, suck, suck. You love it. You need it. Sissy Slut. Sniff those poppers bitch. Lick that cock. Give up your inhibitions. You love it. Deep throat. Suck it hard. Suck it deep. Lick it. Enjoy it. You are so excited. Masterbate your clitty. You need to be fucked. Bend over bitch. The time is now. Open that boi pussy. Take that cock bitch. Is your clit leaking, slut? Yes it is! This is your life. Getting fucked by alpha males. Pervert sissy slut. Sniff those poppers, sissy. You crave it. Take that load. Open your mouth slut. Open that boi pussy. Cream pie? Swallow? Its your alpha male master’s choice. You can’t wait to have your mouth filled with salty gooey semen. Swallow it bitch. It’ll make you the girl you crave to be. Enjoy Sissy Slut Popper Hypno by Mesmerism.

Spells – The Chapters by MrsDevilTheory

Spells – The Chapters by MrsDevilTheory

You are going to be a pretty little sissy slut. It’s time for you to dress up. Don’t forget your make up and glitter. Listen to the music. You are so girly. Look how pretty you look. Imagine all the admirers you will receive. All the cuties will be staring at you. Shopping trips. Purse holding. Lunch dates. Make your fantasy into reality. Every new years resolution should be gaining the attention of the desired sex. Surrender to the feminine form. You feel yourself swelling, pulsating, every inch of your flesh becoming more and more aroused. More sensitive. So stimulated. You feel so completely safe and so very turned on. You can’t explain it. That’s perfectly normal, perfectly natural to feel confused. To feel lost. Just let it go. Let it all go for me. Today is the day you meet your first real dom. For this particular task I want you to remember a few things. First your safe word, pineapple. Second to trust me. Third remember your senses, they will guide you to the right man. Advance to the next level. Enjoy Spells – The Chapters by MrsDevilTheory.

Chapter 1: Solo

Chapter 2: One and One

Chapter 3: One and Rough

Chapter 4: One and Many

Chapter 5: Spells

Sissies Love Older Men by Princess-Aries

Sissies Love Older Men by Princess-Aries

Your sexual preference has changed. You love older men. You love being controlled by an older alpha male. You love big daddies. You want to be fucked so hard by your sugar daddy. He’s going to pay for everything you need. He’s going to pay your rent. New titties. New nose. New lingerie. New heels. Getting fucked in a cheap motel is where you want to be. Servicing him all night long. You want the easy life as a sissy faggot whore. He’s going to fuck you so hard. He’s going to share you with his friends. You love it so much. This is all you want in your life. Daddy is going to take care of you. He’s going to pump his seed into your boi pussy. Creampied all day, every day. You are his property. You want to get fucked by him so badly. You want to suck his cock. Lick his balls. Be owned and controlled by him. That’s what you deserve. You can’t wait for it. Look online for daddies. Look for love in several wrong places. Dating sites. Grindr. Anywhere there are daddies waiting for a sissy slut like you. They are waiting to fuck you and you are willing to satisfy their need to release their load into your mouth and into your boi cunt. You get the easy life as a slave to your bear. This is your life. You know you want it. Make it happen. Slut. Enjoy Sissies Love Older Men by Princess-Aries.

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The Easter Faggot Sissy Slut Challenge 2019 by FSSlut

The Easter Faggot Sissy Slut Challenge 2019 by FSSlut

Can you last until the end? This is the ultimate *ALL-DAY* challenge and it will prove to yourself that you are a sissy cum slut. I have picked really long audio and video hypnosis from FSSlut who we’ve not featured at The Sissy Hypnosis Club before. It’s best if you watch in a darkened room with headphones in full screen. If you can put it on a large screen or a VR headset for total emersion, that’s even better. I hope you enjoy the challenge, it is one of the most difficult… By the way, you’ll love it more if you don’t cheat…

The Faggot Sissy Slut Challenge

Before you try this challenge you might want to get some things. Firstly you need some supplements. These supplements will make you hard as a rock, leak precum and it most definitely make you spurt huge loads. I guarantee it. So, it’s an extra challenge. They are not expensive, you can pick them up from eBay. Here’s the dosage, I would take this for about a week before performing The Easter Faggot Sissy Slut Challenge 2019:

  1. L-Arginine, 1000mg Strength, Taken 1 time daily = 1000mg

  2. Zinc, 50mg Strength, Taken 1 time daily = 50mg

  3. Pygeum, 100mg Strength, Taken 2 times daily = 200mg

  4. Lecithin, 1200mg Strength, Taken 1 time daily = 1200mg

Something else you can pick up from eBay, and they are also not expensive… if you don’t already a sexy metallic mini dress, preferably pink, but they have other colors for less than $10 and a pair of sexy heels, preferably pink with a platform and the highest heel possible, which you can get for less than $25. Make up which a set will cost you less than $25. Click here for a few pointers on how to get it right. A prostate massager which will cost less than $5 so you can massage your boi pussy while you watch. A sexy pink or platinum blonde wig that will cost you under $15. If you have any sexy jewelry put it on, some glamorous sexy huge hoop earrings would be perfect and also maybe you should get a realistic dildo while you’re at it, something for you to suck and lick while you’re watching.

Oh and you are going to need a glass, because some of you will get so excited you won’t be able to make it until the end so you’ll need somwhere to shoot your load, which I assure you will be big… and you’re going to smear some over your face and drink it down… and then you’re going to continue the challenge. Edging as you go… This is what you’ll be doing from nine in the morning to twelve at night… no breaks! This is as hardcore as it gets. It’s the ultimate challenge!

I forgot to tell you, you’re going to be leaking so much precum throughout you will need to gather that gorgeous liquid with your finger and lap it up with your tongue for a tasty gooey snack throughout the challenge. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water, the more water the harder you’re going to shoot your load and if you are really the sissy slut I know you are, you’ll pump that final load right onto your face…

READY? Let’s go!

Let’s start off with how sexy you look right now…

I don’t know about you, but I love stilettos…

You love this don’t you, you can’t get enough…

Get out your poppers baby we are just settling in…

You really want to win this faggot sissy slut challenge don’t you…

We’re getting deeper now, sissy. You love it so, so much…

Another poppers round, how horny are you sissy?…

You love boys, I know you do. You love their cocks and you gobble down their cum…

This is the life, home alone dressed up really sexy and working your sissy boi clitty…

You love big black cocks. You are the sluttiest whore aren’t you, say it…

Are you ready for the climax… You’ve come this far… You might as well finish…

It’s time to cum, sissy. You’ve been edging and swallowing precum for 15 hours! It’s now time for you to shoot that sissy boi clitty all over your face. So, get on your bed, legs up the wall, back right up until your cock is right over your face … now jerk it baby, jerk it so hard and open your pretty little mouth. Shoot that load, shoot it right in your mouth. Swallow your jizzy load. You earned it! Now, stay there sissy, we’re not done yet… you’re dying to go pee pee, so do it. Pee pee right now all over your pretty sissy face, on your hair and on your sexy dress… swallow it sissy, show yourself how much of a slut you can be. Gobble it down. Doesn’t that taste good. It does doesn’t it… You love it! You love being a Faggot Sissy Slut Whore! If you made it this far, then its time to announce to the world who you really are. Record a video and tell the world that you just passed The Easter Faggot Sissy Slut Challenge 2019!