Your Sissy Goal by RagingDave

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 Time to give in… Put on your heels. A tight fitting dress. Or a girlie outfit. And go out to find some… Cock!!! Thinking about cock excites you. Dance for cock. Find a big dildo and prepare your sissy pussy. Expose your tight asshole. Play with your sissy clit. Kiss him. And play with his cock. Take out your big fake tits. It’s finally time to suck cock. All the way down your throat. Cock tastes amazing. You can’t live without it. Especially two cocks. And now it’s time to get fucked. You love getting stretched out. You can’t believe it’s finally happening. Keeping your heels on. Like a proper sissy. That dick feels so good. Taking it like a real girl. Getting pounded like a little whore. You are addicted. In ways you never dreamed. You know what it’s time for… Your sissy reward… You are driven to milk cock. Every sissy loves cum. Happy to swallow every load. Knowing you did a job well done. You’ve become a true cock slut. Making men cum. Has become your life. Sissy. Enjoy Your Sissy Goal by RagingDave.

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  1. Emily says:

    I love these videos .


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