XIXXYBOI Ep. 1 – Your Last Chance (Feminization Hypnosis Sissy Trainer)

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3, 2, 1… Welcome to your forced feminization. Ride big cocks. Big cocks are tasty. Find your G-spot. Wear panties. Bounce that ass. Pre-cum makes you happy. Dress like a slut. Take it all in. Prostate orgasm. Wear a plug. Train your pussy. Keep eye contact. Shake that ass. Worship dick. Play with it. Enjoy it. Submit. This is your last chance. Submit to cock. Just act like a doll. This makes you so horny. The taste of sweet pre-cum. It turns you on. You can’t wait to taste his cum. The first time is amazing. Get ready… Cum with him… Taste it now… Enjoy Your Last Chance by Xixxiboi.


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  1. Sissy_Dreams says:

    We need more Ariana Grande vidoes amd somgs vidoes mixed in with sissy porn shes amazing.


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