So You Want To Be Fucked? By Iilustii and Mel

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Before we begin. What we are going to do is not for beginners. If you have never had something in your ass, this might be a little too intense. Anal is fun for everybody. You will need a dildo that you can handle comfortably for long periods of time, some lubricant and a condom for the dildo if you want. You might want to do an anal douche or an enema before starting if it makes you feel more comfortable.

I’ve been told that you want to be fucked in the ass. It’s ok. You don’t have to be shy. I myself loved to get anally fucked, it feels amazing and considering you have a prostate, it’s no wonder you want stick things up there. I am not going to humiliate you, call you a name for wanting to enjoy anal penetration. I just want to guide you through it, in order to make the experience more pleasurable for you.

Enjoy So You Want To Be Fucked? By Iilustii and Mel.


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