To Understand – By LaceSlave

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YOU… are a Girl! YES… you heard me right! LOL… I mean would a man dress in a bra and panties? You are certainly NOT a man! You are MUCH more like a girly girl! YOU… want to dress like a girly girl! Sorry baby… you do NOT have a choice! LOL… go ahead and try to stop! There is no escape… you WILL be wearing a bra and panties FOREVER! YOU… are simply a panty wearing SISSY! You LOVE the feeling of wearing a bra! Time to STOP pretending! YOU are NOT a man!

The latest sissy hypnosis video ‘To Understand’ by LaceSlave. Be ready to be a girly girl. This is your destiny. Embrace it.


7 Responses to “To Understand – By LaceSlave”

  1. destiny says:

    on my knees mouth open tongue out, pink panties and pink nails

  2. John Hartil says:

    if only I was

  3. Lil beebo says:

    I can’t wait become what I really iam

  4. Rachel says:

    Really lovely, reinforcing video for when any doubts creep in. Thank you for helping me reaffirm my love for what I am and my love for cock. Kisses, Rachel xx

  5. stacipennell says:

    Im practically there now as hypnos havent helped my bisexuality out in the least, if anything its like u crave it more as do i so love being a good girl n flirting & teasing cock

  6. Rachel says:

    Thank you for helping me get rid of any doubts. I am a cock sucker and proud to be a sissy!

  7. Roberta says:

    This is a lovely hypno. Calm and absorbing and it just sinks into your mind. I loved it


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