TransTrance 4

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Yes, I am. I can’t help myself. I must masterbate. Touching myself feels wonderful. I do it all the time. It gets so hard it hurts. Isn’t it pretty? This feels good. No. I can never resist. I’m having a hard time breathing. This is so thrilling. Please take control of me. I like to be smooth, too. Touch me, please. Yes, touch me like that. Skin so soft, so whitl. I want to be like that.. I want to be a girl… Lips so full, so red. I want to submit. Bend me over. Make me your sissy sex slave. I will do whatever you tell me to. It’s so beautiful. I have a round, girly ass… Cheeks so plump… I am crazy with desire I submit. I am begging for it… It excites me so much… I am a slut. I Submit. I will do anything… I am a sissy slut… I want to be a sex object too. I want men to want me. I want to be like you. I am ready to explode. I am crazed with lust. Just let me touch myself. Please let me cum… I will do anything you wish. I want to be a complete whore. I am ready. I am ready to be transformed. Ready to be your slave. Take me. Ready for you. Use me. Make me your toy. I will do all you say. I will submit. I will submit. Worship Me. With Pleasure. You are Divine. It would fulfill my deepest desire. Take me. That feels wonderful. I love cock… I am powerless. It looks delicious. I want it… I want it… Fuck, it feels so good. I must masterbate. I can’t stop… I can’t stand it… Its unbearable… So desperately good… You have complete control. You control my mind. You control my body. You control my soul. I am nothing. Enjoy TransTrance 4 by Jizzelle.


2 Responses to “TransTrance 4”

  1. Lakitycat says:

    It’s incredible & oh sho hot n delicious. On one hand I’m thinking how messed up am i & on the other hand, one can’t help but be complete n yet happy. Google’s. Crazy right n no willpower to stop. As if I’m weaker somehow n I love that.

  2. Lakitycat says:

    Often how I feel n I’m bisexual too begin with. Really watch my cock intake these past few years, as I have dreams of me being a dirtified owned whore. Crazy thinking, but feels so incredibly true to life.


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