Total Cum Devotion

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Your hunger for brought you here. You needed a snack… And so you headed to your favorite place… The Gloryhole! You can such as much cock as you want here… Men line up around the block. Waiting to fill your mouth… It’s time to get your cum fix. It’s time to satisfy your hunger… It’s time to get on your knees. It’s time to SUCK, FEED, TASTE, SWALLOW! How much cum will you eat? How much cum do you need? Just keep sucking… Just keep tasting… Each load you swallow just makes you want more… You don’t know if you can stop… It just feels so good… Pulsing cocks flooding your mouth. Thick cum covering your tongue. Cock after cock sliding into your mouth… Each one squirting warm cum into you… Could you even stop if you wanted to? NO! You won’t stop sucking cock. You haven’t had enough cum. You need more cum. You DESERVE more cum. YOU WILL FEED ON CUM! Enjoy Total Cum Devotion by Jlodalisque.


4 Responses to “Total Cum Devotion”

  1. Corset Sissy says:

    I would so love to try that. I am not attracted to guys, but I so love a nice cut cock. The ideal way to get the cock and cum I need. I simply love sucking a nice cock and it is wonderful when it explodes and shoots a huge load of cum. After watching this video, all I want to do is suck several cocks till they cum, and then after they have cum.

  2. Amanda says:

    It’s like the first time I ever sucked cock. I went to a glory hole and after a few minutes a big one came through. I took it in my mouth with no hesitation. Mmmmmm it was so good. My wife had no idea I had sucked a cock that night 😉

  3. Stephanie says:

    This simply reinforces what I’ve always felt, that a man’s semen is more than just a delicious treat, more than sweet nutrition, even.

    It’s affirmation of my womanhood, my attractiveness.

    When a man cums in my mouth, it’s like him saying that he loves me. I know it’s not that, of course, but the fact that he chose me, to begin with, to suck him off is hot enough. For him to cum in my pussy-mouth, proves to me that I am a woman, and I am sexy. I made a man cum — in my throat-vagina!

    There is simply nothing more satisfying, for me, than to bring a man off to complete orgasmic completion with my face-cunt. It’s what I was born to do. Quite often — usually, in fact — I cum in my panties when I feel his beautiful cock swell and pulsate, just about to shoot his sweet cum into me.

    Men are so sexy, and their cocks are so wonderful! Any of you ladies who haven’t yet worked up the courage to go on out there and get a sexy man to give you what you crave so deeply, have no idea what you’re missing!

    There are a lot more men out there than you think, who would love to have you suck them off. Married men are the best; their wives never put out once they’re established, and these horny husbands have soooo much to offer a girl!

    Cock-kisses to any studs out there who may be reading this. You know I’m right, don’t you … 😉

  4. Stephanie says:

    @9:30 I am in LOVE with that cock! Look how thick and hard he is, when she finishes him and pulls her loving lips off his wonderful, gorgeous cock, he is soooooooo hard, standing tall and thick, so strong and powerful and authoritative …

    But what really makes this video, as a whole, succeed so brilliantly, is the fact that all of these lucky girls react with very passionate love (some more than others) when the hunks release their precious nectar.

    Watching someone receive the precious gift of semen is always a gorgeous sight. But when that lucky recipient is more than enthusiastic — when they’re overwhelmed by lust-drivel passion — then that is true beauty. That is so ME …

    Great scores here, too: “Can You Make Me Feel Like a Star,” by DJ Inphinity, and “Discoteka” by Starkillers.


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